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The business Moog Music was founded in 1954 by Bob Moog. The main office is in Vancouver (USA). A total of 285 employees work for business Moog (status 2011). The official German branch office is business EMC in Langenau (D).

Currently we have 66 Moog products 45 of them directly available in our Treppendorf warehouse (and of course they can be tested as well in our shop) . Thomann has been selling Moog products since 2002.

To inform our customers as best we can about Moog products, you will find a total of 2978 media, reviews and test reports on Moog products on our website - among them the following 842 product images, 31 different 360 panoramic views, 44 sound samples, 1995 costumers' product reviews and 66 test reports from magazines (in different languages).

A total of 9 Moog products are top sellers at Thomann at the moment, amongst others in the following categories Drum Modules, Volume and Expression Pedals, Miscellaneous Synthesizer Accessories, Synthesizer Power Supplies and Modular all-in-one systems.

Our number one Moog product is the following item Moog DFAM. An all time favourite is the following item Moog EP-3, of which we have sold more than 10.000 pieces up to now.

Moog grants its customers a 2 year(s) warranty on all products. We extend this warranty for our customers by one year and offer a 3-Year Thomann Warranty.

Moog products belong to the most interesting ones for our customers. On average every single Moog product was hit over 5.000 times at the Thomann Online Store within the last month.

Among the famous musicians who use Moog equipment are the following Dan Goldman, Pat Metheny, Daft Punk, Kirk Hammett, Joseph Arthur, Adrian Eccleston, Rik Simpson, Lou Reed, Andy Summers and Paul Simon.

Thomann is also cheaper on Moog products than most of the other competitors. Within the last three months we have reduced the prices of 11 Moog products. It really becomes super cheap with our set offers and Creative Bundles in which further discounts are included.

Moog company logo
Moog company logo
Moog Minimoog Voyager XL
Moog Minimoog Voyager XL
Moog Moogerfooger effects processors
Moog Moogerfooger effects processors

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