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Roland DP-10


Sustain Pedal

  • For portable digital pianos, stage pianos and synthesisers
  • Half-pedal capabilities
  • With anti-slip rubber plate
  • 190 cm cable
  • Stereo jack
Available since April 2005
Item number 177586
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Polarity Switch No
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373 Reviews

Six month endurance
ivanavi 14.02.2021
I bought the Roland FP-10 and thought I should go for a half pedal capable foot pedal.
So I went for this one, thinking it should have the same sturdy quality as the previous pedals from Roland that I’ve owned and been very happy with. I play one or two hours a day, only at home. So no gigging which could ware the pedal out.
Now, sex month later the pedal started to act a little quirky when using it in half pedal mode (which I always do). It was randomly going into half pedal even if I held the pedal all the way down. Very irritating. Thomann was kind enough to send me a replacement pedal (kudos) and the new pedal worked all right.
Now it has been five months since I got the exchange pedal and guess what? It’s starting to behave exactly as the replaced pedal: randomly going into half pedal mode even if I keep my foot all the way to the floor! Sometimes I even can reproduce the erroneous behaviour by just moving my foot to either side while keeping the pedal fully pressed.
There is a potentiometer mounted in the pedal that is responsible of sending the continuous signal to the piano (which interprets it into full/half/whole pedal). It seems this potentiometer gets worn out, or dirty, and randomly doesn’t send the fully open signal it should when the pedal is fully pressed to the floor. Maybe it could help if I sprayed some contact spray into the potentiometer, but why not put a god, sturdy potentiometer in the pedal in the first place!?!

Update 220102:
I’ve got my third replacement pedal February 2021, and this one endured until now until the half pedal function stoped working properly. Which is three months longer than the two pedals I’ve had prior to this one. Still, 9 months isn’t long enough. This pedal was never moved, it was always at home in my piano corner. So not much change in environment and still out of function. Bad Roland, bad!


Enhancing Playability: The Roland DP-10 Piano Pedal Reviewed
Joves Productions - Arts & Events 15.01.2024
The Roland DP-10, a well-crafted piano pedal, offers musicians a reliable and nuanced control tool for their keyboard or digital piano playing. This review delves into the features and performance of the DP-10, highlighting its functionality and suitability for both practice and performance settings.

A key feature of the Roland DP-10 is its versatility. Suitable for both digital pianos and keyboards, it serves as a sustain pedal, providing the essential damper pedal function that is crucial for a wide range of piano pieces. This versatility makes it a practical choice for musicians who play different types of keyboards.

The DP-10 stands out for its durability. Made with Roland's high-quality construction, it is built to withstand frequent use and the rigors of transport, making it a long-lasting addition to any musician's gear.

Moreover, the pedal’s non-slip rubber plate is an excellent feature, especially for those who play in various environments. Whether on stage, in a studio, or at home, this design ensures stability and control, allowing for precise and expressive performance.

In summary, the Roland DP-10 is a solid, versatile, and durable piano pedal that enhances the playing experience for keyboardists and pianists. Its suitability for multiple keyboard types, combined with its robust build and stable design, makes it an excellent choice for musicians looking for a reliable sustain pedal. The DP-10 stands as an indispensable tool for both practice and performance.


I was recommended to buy this and I am happy that I listened to it :)
Charles.P 01.03.2021
Though the digital Piano FP-10 comes with its own pedal, I was recommended to get a solid and a slightly heavier pedal to start learning the instrument so that I would not get used to some bad learning habits related to the usage of pedal.

The pedal that comes with Digital Piano might be ok for someone who already know how to play the instrument but as a beginner I don't want to take that chance and so invested in getting a separate pedal.

The pedal itself is relatively cheap, great quality, very sturdy and stable. I totally recommend this to any beginners or to even experienced people who want to try this brand for the first time.

Overall, a great nice product.


A Trusted Companion for Years!
Your local prog head 12.09.2023
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)

I've had the pleasure of using the Roland DP-10 Sustain Pedal for several years, and I can confidently say that it has been an essential and reliable tool in my musical journey. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned musician, this pedal is a game-changer when it comes to enhancing your playing experience.

Build Quality and Durability (5/5):
The Roland DP-10 is built like a tank. Its sturdy construction and robust design ensure that it can withstand the rigors of daily use. I've accidentally dropped it a few times, and it still works flawlessly without any noticeable damage. This durability is a testament to Roland's commitment to quality.

Compatibility (5/5):
One of the standout features of the Roland DP-10 is its versatility. It's compatible with a wide range of keyboards and digital pianos, making it a universal choice for musicians. I've used it with different brands and models, and it has never failed to deliver consistent performance.

Non-Slip Design (5/5):
The DP-10's non-slip rubber base ensures that it stays securely in place during intense playing sessions. You won't have to worry about it sliding around on hardwood floors or slippery surfaces, which is a common issue with some other pedals on the market.

Cable Length (4/5):
The only minor drawback is the length of the cable, which could be a bit longer for some setups. However, it's not a significant issue, and you can easily use an extension cable if needed.

In summary, the Roland DP-10 Sustain Pedal has been my trusted musical companion for years, and I have no reservations in recommending it to fellow musicians. Its durability, precise sustain control, compatibility, and non-slip design make it a top-notch choice for enhancing your musical performances. Whether you're a pianist, keyboardist, or a musician of any kind, this pedal will undoubtedly elevate your playing experience. Invest in the Roland DP-10, and you won't be disappointed.