Shure SE215-CL


Dynamic Sound Isolating In-ear Headphones

  • Dynamic MicroDriver for warm sound with dynamic bass
  • Shields over 90% of ambient noise
  • Suitable for in-ear monitoring as well as MP3 player
  • In-ear
  • Impedance: 20 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 107 dB SPL/mW
  • Frequency range: 22 - 17.500 Hz
  • Detachable cable, can be rotated 360° at the gold-plated plug-in contact
  • Cable on ear is wire-reinforced
  • Cable length: 162 cm
  • Including transport case
  • Including foam and silicone ear pieces in 3 sizes (S, M, L), more available optionally
  • Colour: Transparent (also available in black, under article nr 262381)

Optional accessories:

  • CBL-M + K Music Phone adapter cable for Apple Article number: 255644
  • CBL-MK Music Phone adapter cable for Samsung Galaxy S and other smartphones, article nr: 331370
  • EABKF1-10S/M/L Foam ear pieces (sizes S, M, L), article nr: S 137235, M 137236, L 319294
  • EASFX1-10S/M/L Silicone ear pads (Sizes S, M, L), article nr: S 172504, M 172505, L 137237
  • EAYLF1-10 Universal foam ear pieces, yellow colour, article nr 127879
  • EATFL1-6 Triple flange ear pieces available at article nr 208206
  • EAADPT-KIT Adapter Kit article nr 204355
  • EAC64CL Replacement cable, transparent colour, article nr 258854

Note: According to current EU regulations on volume control, this product is intended for professional use only and must not be used in the consumer sector.

available since March 2011
Item number 262382
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Number of Ways 1
Removable Cable Yes
Ambience No
Color Transparent
Bass Boost No
Midrange Boost No
HiFi No
Allround Yes
Application Allround
Number of Drivers 1
Cable Length 162
Impedance 20 Ohms
Sensitivity 107 dB
Earmold possible Elacin + Adaptor
Adaptor for Ear Protection 187380
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Fully equipped for the stage and the street

The Shure SE215-CL in-ear monitors are equipped with dynamic drivers and sound-isolating technology for high-quality signal definition. The monitors sit securely in the user’s ears and come complete with everything that a modern in-ear headset needs – from a removable cable and carrying case through to a selection of interchangeable sleeves. And the SE215-CL monitors are highly versatile, ensuring both a clear and punchy monitor sound on stage and pure musical enjoyment in day-to-day use. What is more, their transparent design (the “CL” in the name stands for “clear”) means these in-ears look as good as they sound.

Shure SE215-CL in-ears, detailed view

Comfortable, secure, and great sounding

These in-ears are primarily designed to deliver a transparent sound with a powerful bass response, but another priority is to provide a perfect fit. This is why the cables feature wire-reinforced ends that can be shaped over the wearer’s ears to ensure that the earpieces stay firmly in place if the cable is inadvertently pulled. What is more, the SE215-CL in-ears can suppress ambient noise by an impressive 37dB – made all the easier by the selection of silicone and memory foam sleeves in three different sizes that are included in the scope of delivery. To aid the secure fit and more effectively eliminate outside noise, the housing design is ergonomic and will sit snugly in virtually everybody’s ears.

Shure SE215-CL with rolled-up cable

One for all

Thanks to their sound-isolating technology, the Shure SE215-CL in-ears are perfect for on-stage performances – from solo entertainers and top 40 bands through to wedding singers and musical ensembles. However, they are also a good solution for presenters and radio/talk show hosts who need to give their full attention to interview participants, music, or video inserts. Musicians will find these in-ears great for monitoring applications both in the studio and the rehearsal room, and they will also provide a compact and convenient alternative to conventional over-ear headphones with a headband when recording and rehearsing.

Shure case with clip

About Shure

The American company Shure began developing microphones during the early 1930s and is one of the pioneers of the audio engineering sector. Models such as the 55 Unidyne - known to many as the "Elvis microphone" - and the SM57 and SM58 which appeared in the mid-1960s are still ubiquitous in live sound production today. They enjoy cult status among musicians and technicians alike. In the 1990s, Shure introduced the first wireless microphones and in-ear monitoring systems and became a market leader in this field. In addition to microphones, Shure offers a wide range of earphones and headphones for studio and live use, as well as various accessories.

… and action!

On stage, the SE215-CL in-ears effectively suppress outside noise and deliver a monitor sound that is clear and powerful. This sound isolation works both ways, of course, so the SE215-CL in-ears can be used for monitoring in the recording studio without the backing track leaking onto the recording. And in all of these cases, the ergonomic form and over-the-ear cable design ensure a secure and comfortable fit, so fans of in-ear monitoring never need to worry about them falling out at the wrong moment.

2398 Customer ratings

1215 Reviews

Great Headphones for great price
Simon St. 17.02.2014
At first i would like to excuse my insufficient English skills.
I'm from germany, but i'll do my best, so that you can understand my opinion on this product.
It took me a long time to choose a price range.
At last i decided to spend 100-150€.
I compared the Shure Se 215 + Shure 315 + tBone Ep7 and the Se 215 won, but why?

All 3 In-Ear Headphones sound great, so you'll propably be happy with each one of them :) But i'll try to compare them.

The tBones have a great sound in the lows.
The bass is very direct and deep.
Mids + Highs are ok.
They look pretty good.

The Se 315 have a bit less bass .
But for me it seems like the high frequencies are a bit clearer and better.

The Se 215 sounds very very similar.
There's only a bit less resolution.
They sound only a tiny bit "muffled " compared to the 315.
But I got the impression, that the bass in the 215 is a bit more present than in the se 315 ( even it's not that clear).

For me the tBones have 2 problems :
- You can't change the cable ( when the cable is broken, you have to buy completely new ones)
- You can't bend the cable to you ears that good.

That's why they lost.

The difference between the 215 + 315 were very slight.
That's why i decided to use the 215, and i did not regret that.

Btw the 215 are also great headphones for listening to music.
A very clear sound :)

I hope you understand everything.
If you want to spend only a few money but you want to have good quality, you should go for the Se215.
Outside Noise Isolation


Can't beat em
PCasey 21.03.2022
Solid Shure product as usual. They sound great for most purposes including live performances. Downside is the cable, I have to replace it once a year at least, thats expected as we use em a lot.
Outside Noise Isolation


Decent, but not perfect
Jarkie 03.04.2022
Great product, have been using these professionally for a few years. If you are aware of their limitations they will do the job. Probably wouldnt reccomend them for bass players, drummers and vocalists maybe but great if you dont need alot of low end definition and want to get in the IEM game for cheap.
Outside Noise Isolation


Cracking sound
Ralphsean 11.04.2023
Great low and high end levels
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