Thomann Irish Concert Bouzouki PU



  • Solid spruce top
  • Flat, solid maple back
  • Maple sides
  • Maple neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard (Dalbergia Latifolia)
  • Beautiful inlaid binding
  • With carved rosette
  • Upper nut width: Approximately 3.3 cm
  • Scale: Approximately 66.5 cm
  • With pickup system
  • Tuning: GG - dd - aa - e'e'
  • Stringing: D'Addarío J81
  • Made in Europe
  • Suitable case: Article no. 115299 (not included)


  • Lower width: Approximately 35.2 cm
  • Body length: Approximately 41 cm
  • Total length: Approximately 96.5 cm
  • Height including bridge: Approximately 11 cm
  • Frame height: Approximately 9 cm

Note: The instrument was imported/manufactured before the woods used were placed under protection by the CITES Convention and the EC Species Protection Regulation 338/97. The rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia) used in this instrument is registered pre-acquisition.

Available since August 2013
Item number 313243
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
tuning GG - dd - aa - e'e'
scale-length 660 mm
gigbag included Yes
pickup included Yes
fingerboard Rosewood
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93 Reviews

Can't Put It Down!
TomBob 06.09.2014
Ok, lets start with the build quality; lovely selection of woods used to make a visually pleasing instrument with great tone and resonance. Normally when you buy an instrument of any value it will need to be set up as intonation will be off, or it will have a buzzy fret or that action is just slightly too high or low for your own personal tastes, this is only the second instrument I've bought that has been perfect and ready to play instantly (which is just as well as with that lovely rose on the sound hole, i'm not sure how I wold get to the truss rod if i needed to).

acoustic sound is fantastic for the money, bright and resonates well, this is strung with octave drinks on the G and the D, and really adds a sweetness to the sound. The pickup element is very gain, Once i managed to get the mid frequencies eq'd on my preamp I was ok, but the sound did drive to start with, much more than i expected.

Overall I would question spending more money on another bouzouki when this one is so good for the price I paid, my only real criticism is the case it came with is perfect for transporting and of better quality than the photos show, the front pocket on the one that arrived has no zip head on it so the pocket can't be opened or closed. In other words its worth buying and enjoyable enough that you'll want to splash out on a hard case for it after.


Worth every penny
graymac 03.02.2020
I bought this to get a bit of variation from my usual six-string chord bashing! I tried a (very) cheapo 'zouk a few years ago, which wouldn't stay in tune for very long and had a hideously high action, so I got shot of it. This Thomann Concert instrument is a nicely made and well-finished instrument and the enclosed tuners seem good quality. The tone is good, though I suspect the strings it is fitted with at the factory, though adequate, might benefit from replacement with known quality ones. I did get some D'Addarios when I bought the 'zouk but haven't put them on yet.
I bought it to use "unplugged". I considered buying the non-pickup version, however it is so very little extra cost to have the pickup fitted model, so I went for it. The pickup seems to behave well, much the same as an acoustic guitar undersaddle and pre-amp setup. No complaints there.
No hesitation in recommending this instrument, I'm sure a decent player would be just as happy with it as this novice is.


Crisp sound, solid instrument
Frosttroll 24.06.2021
They have fixed all the things that were off with these instruments in the beginning and I assure you that the setup is good from the factory. It looks superb and sounds clear, crisp with good resonance and projection. Mine doesn't have any flaws, the frets fit well, are well leveled and no sharp stuff sticking out. I did adjust the action by sanding approximately 2mm off the bridge and now it is perfect. At first I was a bit hesitant with the order because i wasn't sure about how the inbuilt pickup would sound and would it be worth it. Now I can say with confidence that it was worth the extra money - it sounds very good and I'm glad I got it.
Swap out the strings, adjust the action and you're good to go.
If like me you want to buy a case for it right away an dont want to spend a lot, Thomann ABS Banjo Case works great with this.

Overall I am very happy I got this beautiful looking and sounding instrument. Was on my wishlist for years.


Stunning value Bouzouki
Karnage 05.09.2021
I was super keen to get a bouzouki with a pickups and looking at these, they look very much like (read I can't see the difference) another more expensive make starting with O. Given they too are made in the same country, I guess Hora are the people who make both!! I play mainly Irish Folk music on this, tuned GDAD.

When you play this, the finish of the frets and the sound would definitely be that of an instrument of a higher price point. I would only think the preamp might be different. This still sounds great in the band mix live. I am delighted with the results.

I am quite glad not to have a tuner on board - they are the best way to unexpectedly have a flat battery! Both my gigging electro-acoustic instruments don't have tuners in the preamps. Clip on FTW.

Last point, for a case option, check out the Thomann ABS Banjo Case. This also fits perfectly and is at a great price point.