Thomann Acoustic-Steel Gigbag Premium


Premium Gig Bag for Steel String Guitars

  • Water-resistant "Leatherex" material
  • 30 mm highly dense industrial padding
  • Three outer pockets
  • Retractable backpack straps
  • Guitar neck secured in place with Velcro fastener
  • Extra protection at endpin, machine heads and bridge
  • Colour: Brown

Inner Dimensions

  • Total length:112 cm
  • Lower width: 42 cm
  • Upper width: 34 cm
  • Total depth: 14 cm
available since July 2010
Item number 243810
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Model Dreadnought
Padding (mm) 30 mm
Surface Material Leatherex
Outside Pocket Yes
Backpack Yes
Colour Brown
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The first gig bag to consider
Martin Krauser 24.06.2018
This is a well-thought-out product, and it feels like a lot of experience with inferior gig bags went into designing this.

It will keep your guitar stable inside the gig bag with the neck support, and the padding is thick enough to protect it from bumps or slighter drops. The zippers are strong and won't just open or come undone on their own, and even if they somehow would, the guitar would still be held in by the strap over the neck support. That said, I wouldn't put it in the cargo hold of a bus in this, let alone an airplane. It's a gig bag, not a hard case.

It has pockets for the back straps and a long shoulder strap that you can also detach, and you can hang on a wall by a D buckle. The straps are padded and make it comfortable to carry, even if you're lugging around a resonator acoustic or two of these at once.

The three additional pockets are quickly accessible and have sensibly differing sizes. Well suited for storing your odds an ends, and there is even space for an A4 notebook, something anyone should be able to appreciate.

Unfortunately, the faux leather material on the outside isn't particularly strong and will tear if it, for example, catches a door handle. This happened to a clumsy friend of mine, and not me. No. I had a problem with the thread unraveling on the zipper, but Thomann replaced the gig bag upon seeing the photos of the defect.

I'd be concerned with having less protective padding and features than this has and annoyed by worse straps, so I'd recommend against buying cheaper. On the other hand, I'm not sure if the benefit of a better gig bag is worth spending a lot more on it. I feel that this one compares favorably to pretty much any other you can buy for under 90¤ or so.

This is the one gig bag I see around on the streets most, and for good reason. I now have two and feel that this is a good compromise between guitar protection and carry weight for urban commuting. This should be your first stop for buying a gig bag for entry-level to upper mid-range guitars.


Thomann`s patience.
Delwyn 17.05.2013
I was buying a Hummingbird guitar for my grandson. He wanted to be able to take it to school with him so it made sense to buy as good a case as I could get for his pride and joy.
There are lots and lots of `things` that go under the name of `gig-bag` out there but, if you check them out [ and I did ] most of them offer very little real protection - they `might` save the instrument from the odd little scratch or `ding`, but they don`t offer much protection from an impact - say with the corner of a desk or the metal on a school bus seat. The important things about a gig-bag are the thickness of the `padding`, the material and the effectiveness of the stitching, the way the zips work and the fit of the guitar. This case was the very best we could find - the thickest padding for maximum protection, strongest material, best design and fittings and a perfect fit for the hummingbird.
I checked with Thomann that this case would fit the Hummingbird. They gave it the OK. I was still unsure so I checked again - Thomann again confirmed that the guitar would fit, so I bought it. The case arrived in a large, strong cardboard box - I am not sure but it looked bomb-proof. Inside this large box was another box holding the guitar. I honestly don`t think that I could have found a better gig-bag for a cheaper price and Thomann`s postage policy meant that there were no postal charges to pay. Excellent !! I would heartilly recommend Thomann to anyone who wants quality musical goods at affordable prices.


Rock solid
GearBuff 28.10.2019
This gig bag means business. It is sturdy, what with an extremely durable exterior and VERY thick padding (get the specs from the product page). The linings and borders are well put together. The pull tabs on the zippers feel good, and although the smaller ones on the pockets seem a bit fragile, the slightly larger ones on the main zip feel strong. There's a very good feature inside; a neck holder to really secure the guitar in place and keep it from wobbling about, a feature typically found only in higher end bags, so that's another plus.

In my humble opinion, one area of improvement would be to include a handle on the front of the bag, somewhere between the two pockets. Why gig bag makers do not include this as a standard feature is beyond me. It's just thoughtful, usable design; a very convenient option to have.

Other than that, the bag is flawless. I have yet to test it for water resistance, but from what I can see, it should be just fine under limited exposure to rainfall. Super happy with this product.


Great quality indeed
Guilherme Mello 26.11.2020
As I didn't want a hard case (in my scenario would be inconvenient due its size and being non-foldable), so I bought that to go with my dreadnought acoustic guitar and fits very well, adding some extra compartments for carrying extra goodies (i.e. cables, tuner, picks, sheet music folder, etc.) and also multiple ways to carry as well (having different straps and holders). That probably is the best value for such a nice quality and well built gigbag. I would not spend more for a fancier one or a brand tag on it. Bear in mind that if you're going to hit the road and gig a lot, so you might check one of their options for hard cases.