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Thomastik Spirocore Double Bass 3/4 L


String set for double bass

  • Tension: Light
  • For 3/4 double bass
  • Orchestral tuning
  • Chrome on steel rope core
  • Set 3885, 0 light
Available since July 2003
Item number 164108
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Brand Spirocore
Suitable Style Jazz
Length 3/4
Ball End Yes
Loop End No
Set Yes
Single String No
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212 Customer ratings

4.8 / 5

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114 Reviews

Good balanced string for varied playing
Sam4613 13.10.2014
Having taken up the double bass after 30 years of electric I wasn't entirely sure which way I'd eventually go - orchestral playing, slap, jazz, folk etc etc. What I decided I wanted was a string set that would give me a balanced performance across the range of styles so that I could make progress in all options before opting for one style.

I would say the result has been very successful in all the areas I had a right to expect a result. What I mean is that, as I'd rather gathered from readings lots of reviews, these strings give a solid workmanlike performance across a range of genres. Although new to bowing, I'm able to produce full sonorous tones (on the good days!) and when proper players have borrowed the bass or my teacher demonstrates something to me using my bass, I realise the richness that these strings are capable of producing in the right fingers.

The strings are quite forgiving to a new player's hands and I haven't created any callouses or sore spots. That said, they clearly aren't just beginner's strings because, as I say, real players make my bass sound great with them.

The one area I have had less success is in slap. I know they are not "proper" slap strings, but a few videos on the internet show what can be done with them for slap. However, I'm guessing that those players probably didn't learn rockabilly on these strings, even if they subsequently like the sound they produce for a skilled slap player, and I've given up that idea until I either restring the bass with something else entirely or get a dedicated rockabilly bass.

All in all I've felt these strings have worked with me, allowing me to learn to play the instrument and fitting a wide variety of genres. They came properly boxed and packaged and in secure outer packaging. All in all I've been thoroughly pleased and would certainly buy again.


Must have, with some thoughts
Lollinope 06.11.2021
These strings are a must have.
Thomastik spirocores are an industry standard and as such, are used by many bass players. I like them a lot, they have a pretty full sound, they work good under almost every condition. The tuning is kept nicely and the light gauge makes them easy to play. They work pretty well with the bow and they sound relatively good when amplified.

On the other side, I've found that the E string is a little too poor in sound, compared to the thomastik medium. In my experience they sound really nice when the action of the bass is pretty low, the light gauge makes it so that you can really reach a woody tone and I like that "dirty" sound that can come out of it. Sadly that is not the same experience with my bass, since I have a slightly higher action, but on other instruments that can work better.

The A and the D strings are my favourite in this set up. They have a snappy sound and they're easy to play!

The G string is also pretty nice, except I find it slightly too low in volume when in thumb position. As well I'm not a fan of the "meowing" sound that you might achieve by using this string, it does sound to my ear as an old fashioned 80's sound, which is not what I'm striving for.

I've found myself trying to mix the strings a lot and having both medium and light version of this strings I had a weird set up:

G - Thomastik Medium
D and A - Thomastik Light
E - Thomastik Medium

Certainly on every bass they sound different and If I listen to bass players with the same strings on different basses the result is something else.

I change strings a lot, due to my personal research for the right sound I have in mind and these helped me figuring it out.
As I said it's a must have, because they just are super reliable strings and they'll last a lifetime, opposed to gut strings for example.


Probably the best ones around.
Anonymous 30.06.2016
Bought Two of these strings, one as a gift for a great Friend of mine who lives in Brazil, where those strings are very expensive, and one for his teacher who recommended it.

My Friend just got himself a second hand double bass and he is learning to play upright. This review is on his behalf, based on his feedback.

He cannot stop praising these strings: " they are a lot softer clearer and brighter, comparing to the ones that came in the bass. "

He claims it is "THE string for upright , for its growl, sustain, and brightness. "

Teachers comments:

"If you are primarily a pizzicato player , beginner or experienced" and want to get that clear jazz sound, the Spirocores are the way to go, and will enhance the sound of your bass"

"They are easy to Use, great Quality, Improves Sound
and will Last you for Years"

Needless to say that Thomann's service was amazing and I received the products in perfect condition in no time. They had the best price on those at the time as well.

Thank you so much , my Friends in Brazil are very happy


Great strings
manelfortia 24.06.2022
Great sustain, great harmonics, I like a lot this type of strings because are very versatile


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