Artinoise Re.corder Black


Soprano Recorder

  • With built-in wireless connectivity and sensor platform
  • Touch sensors detect fingering
  • Breath sensor measures the strength of the breath
  • Additional inertia sensor to add expressiveness to the playing
  • Can be used as: Fully functional traditional soprano recorder, classical recorder with digital output, MIDI instrument/controller
  • Micro USB charging port
  • LiPo battery
  • MIDI interface
  • BLE connectivity
  • 3D accelerometer
  • Lightweight and robust case
  • Touch-sensitive tone holes
  • Free Re.corder app available for Android and iOS
  • App features: Sound library with 32 sounds, play and learn songs - play a collection of classical, rock and pop sheet music and earn points/play solo with digital teacher - highlights mistakes as you play/play against a digital musician or take turns playing with the bot orchestra
  • Weight: 120 g
  • Colour: Black
  • Incl. Quick start guide, wiper stick and USB cable type A to micro B
  • Made in Italy
available since August 2021
Item number 519028
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Material ABS
Color Black
Double Holes Yes
Keys No
Breath Controller 1
MIDI Controller 1
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Great Price for a Midi Wind Controller
Mark4138 24.10.2021
I must say I do not care for the sound the re.corder makes as a descant recorder, but having said that using the re.corder as a midi wind controller is excellent.
I used that app to configure the fingering, and set the sensitivity to low with a threshold of 90. This means the instrument doesn’t need to much breath to make it play.
Playing it with the app on my iPad Pro brought about a small amount of latency, which is OK for practice but strangely enough, I used the app on my iPhone 8 and there was no latency at all, so playing fast passages is so much nicer.
I paired the re.corder with a WIDI Master connected to my DynaSample XpressO, and the re.corder worked flawlessly, no latency and every patch played beautifully.
I connected the WIDI Master to my Roland Sonic Cell installed with Patchman wind controller patches and once again, the re.corder played flawlessly, zero latency and excellent response to my breath.
The only flaw I can find so far is that it is not possible to set the fingering for a note without a key being pressed. I normally use this fingering as an alternative D which comes in handy when running around the break. Hopefully Artinoise will be able to enable this in an app revision.
Overall - This is a great Midi wind controller, but not a great recorder.


Omalay 20.01.2022
I had get a fast shipping, and an amazing instrument, even post video of tis instrument
And good support


Not bad for price
Jim jam 11.06.2022
Bought it mainly for practice with headphones so I didn't make noise. Using the app on phone with cabled headphones it plays ok. Finger Sensors are a bit finicky and need to be fully covered to play. Difficult to play with speed as it plays alot of bum notes due too difficult fingering compared to a normal saprano recorder. Ok for practice can't see it being useful for intermediate players unless you dive into the other control features.


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quel déception
Jan Cuypers 09.11.2021
Je suis flûtiste depuis de nombreuses années et j'étais très enthousiaste à la réception impeccable de ma nouvelle flûte magique... Je ne suis pas ingénieur du son donc après beaucoup de patience j'ai réussi à la connecter à ma tablette Samsung Android le gsm Huawei P30 il n'en voulais pas et encore moins de l'ordinateur Windows 10.
Après avoir au début chargé la flûte pendant 12h, ca a ete la croix et la bannière pour me reconnecter et après selection de quelques instruments plus moyen de changer d'octave et les notes ne correspondait plus aux trous de la flûte à bec . par contre le mode acoustique a toujours fonctionné mais en dissonance avec l' électronique, il y a des instrument qui n'étaient tout simplement pas sélectionnable enfin on l'aurai donné comme jouet à un enfant il aurait atterri dans la poubelle. Il y a encore énormément de travail à faire pour améliorer et simplifier l'électronique de base et de connection midi ou je n'ai absolument rien compris. A défense; je n'ai pas vraiment pris le temps pour lire la totalité du pdf mode d'emploi et me suis contenté du quick start guide.


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