Behringer X-Touch Mini


Compact USB Controller

  • 8 Rotary potentiometers with LED collars
  • 60 mm Master fader
  • 16 Illuminated buttons with transport control
  • Dual Layer mode for switching between two control layers with 25 control elements each
  • Mackie Control Mode
  • No drivers required for Mac/PC (class compliant)
  • Powered via USB (bus-powered)
available since June 2015
Item number 359654
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Bluetooth No
5-pole DIN MIDI No
Ethernet No
Fader 1
Rotary Encoders 8
Audio I/O No
Transport Function Yes
Footswitch connection No
Foot Controller Connection No
Bus-Powered Yes
Jog No
Joystick No
Pads 0
Rotary Knobs 8
Fader(s) 1
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Logic Pro X & MainStage 3
VadimY 15.11.2018
The most capable mini desktop controller so far.
Using it for Logic in Mackie Control mode for track control
and MainStage in User mode to control live instruments.

LED-collar pots are not very common in backpack-sized controlles,
but does it's job well and really helpful to make small adjustments on the fly and not get lost among patches and tracks pre-sets.

The app to re-assign User A/B layes is Windows only.
While not used very often after initial setup and not a big deal,
it's still a shame for a good product with creative folks in mind.


Logic is ready to go out of the box with no adjustments at all.
While many of "full sized" Mackie Control functions can be reached in need, actually using them blindly without "big brother" LCD screen can be tricky, except you already know all of them by heart. Using basic functions such panning, muting, soloing and navigating track marks is as simple as it can be.

MainStage takes some time to assign knobs and buttons for live patches, but finally can be tailored as much as you bother to think about.

Another cool feature, controller can be switched from Mackie mode to User mode externally, which let you program assignable button to instantly activate Logic app to scroll through the track or adjust some track channel strips, and switch back to instrument controls without need to reach your computer controls!

Active knobs and buttons for MC and User modes remembered separately, so they remains as they were when switching from one mode to another and back.

Re-assignable User A/B layer controls found it's use to assign essential functions be active on both A and B layers at the same time.

All in all, this small gadget does way more then can be expected
from portable controller and quite handy for rehearsals or even live sessions whether you feel like less reverb or more modulation is appropriate.
For studio work, however, the preference is on studio sized LCD text consoles.


Good controller for specific use cases 20.06.2022
Bought two X-Touch minis cause seemed to be just what we needed so our 2 guitarists could have their own FX board in our live electronica setup.

I was looking into using the MC mode but it's not really scalable as you can only control devices of one single track in Ableton - and they also sing and play keys and need to control more than 1 track. There are some painful and bit technical ways to workaround plus you need some desktop app – only for Windows (:O). So I ended up linking all midi manually.

The device has A/B mode, so when connecting two at the same time, each of the guitarists chooses and controls their own profile with the corresponding configuration. So you can't really add a third or fourth one, but they can actually control each other's FX by switching A/B, which is quite fun :)

Build is decent and has macro controls with lights, good for dark/club environments. When not connected via MC, the led lights do not work so well but get the job done.

Overall, it worked fine for our setup and actually gave a lot of power to the guitarrists for 60€, so pretty happy with it.


Flight Sim 2020, anyone?
Butter 09.09.2020
I bought this because someone else linked a video of it being used to control radios and throttle amongst other things in Flight Sim 2020. That was purely the intention for buying and in that regard it's perfect.

Foxtrot Zulu


Super Little Controller
Danny_M 25.12.2021
I use this X-Touch MINI in my Studio, as an extension to my main controller.

Using an USB extension cable, I have installed 2 of theses on different corners of the room, so I don't have to keep going back to the desk to Stop, Start, Record etc.

The Pots, Buttons, and single Fader can all be programmed to work within any DAW. Logic Pro uses the utility of Learn to connect devices to the software.

I personally use the assignable push-buttons for different screen views and controls like Save, and Undo, and the assignable Pots for controlling settings within Plug-ins. Compression settings, EQ settings etc. The Fader is sometimes used as a channel fader, but I find myself using it more as an Expression/Volume Fader, when I play Live-Keyboard with Strings ... adds a more atmospheric and harmonious feel to the sound.

I would recommend this product.


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