EMG DG20 David Gilmour


Complete Pickup Set

  • Fully stocked and prewired David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) Signature ST-style set
  • 3 EMG SA pickups
  • Volume control
  • EXG Guitar Expander for bass & treble boost
  • SPC Presence Control provides a mid boost for a more earthy sound
  • 5-Way toggle switch
  • The system comes pre-wired on a custom 11-hole white pearl pickguard with white knobs for simple installation
Available since April 2001
Item number 146139
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Aktive Circuit Yes
Wiring Prewired
Pickup Output Medium
Cap Yes
Colour White
Position Bridge, Middle, Neck
Stacked - hum free Yes
Telecaster No
Stratocaster Yes
Other No
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247 Reviews

EMG DG20 David Gilmour-looking for the Pulse tone era
Anonymous 25.01.2017
I bought the EMG DG20 set because I owned a Strat guitar and I wasn't happy with the sound, plus I am a fan of David Gilmour sound, especially during the Pulse era.
The product works exactly as advertised, easy to install. Please note, you should buy a battery box and have everything installed by a luthier for best results, otherwise you must dismantle all whenever the battery runs flat.
Please read instructions to get the best tones, and NOTE that Tone pots are not really TONE pots, they are special EQ's that you need to understand and practice how to use them.
I owned several sets of EMG pickups along with vintage ones, and I can tell you that these ones bring great advantages, don't start biased that only vintage sounds good. Judge with your ears (and wallet :)))
-Once installed, it took little time to get the tones I longed for: position 4(1st being bridge and 5th being neck) 1 and 3; Clean tones on all of them, drive on 1st
-SPC and EXG tone controls are awsome, please explore their range and try to get the most out of them
-Quiet pickups, the closest sound to Fenderish single-coils sound without the terrible noise that usually accompanies them
-Veeery easy to instal, good value for the money
-I got what I payed for, 2 clean tones and an overdrive one; for any other wishes, get a different guitar :)
-Quite ugly pickboard, would have preferred a white one
-EMG Pickups without Tone controls are unusable, dull and common-sounding; don't let this fool you, experience settings with SPC and EXG controls, those are NOT regular Tone pots
-you should have been noticed that a battery box would be extremely usefull


The Best Strat Sound Ever!
Robert814 19.12.2020
At last, for the first time ever I can get a good and useable sound from ALL 5 switch positions! It's like discovering a whole new instrument. Having a mid scoop (EXG) and a mid boost (SPC) rather than simple tone controls enables a custom "Wiggly line" response curve, which is so much more flexible and easier to use than a graphic eq. It really is like rediscovering the Strat as a better instrument all round. OK, so is it really a Strat? or is this something different? - You can make your own decision. Is it David Gilmour, or is it the Strat sound? or does David play his own sound? Did Mark Knopfler invent position 2, or was it there all the time? This active eq brings it all to life in a much more vibrant way. The cons: having to install a battery! but I decided to "Bite the bullet" (I have other guitars if it fails) and installed an industrial lithium battery with a 10 year shelf life! (RS 784-5992) The other minor cons: only 3 off the shelf colours available. You can still customise (without any soldering) and choose your own pickguard - I chose dAndrea blue pearl 362775 with aged white knobs (they match the pickup colour nicely) (154804) available from Thomann. One final point mentioned in another review - The output can be rather hot, but don't forget it is an active system, and turning down the volume to 8 rather than 10 gives about the same level as a standard Strat.


Super beautiful
Yado 01.07.2018
I?ve wanting to revive my 20-year old strat with these for a while and I finally did and oh boy am I glad I did!

The sound is unbelievably clean, thanks to 5 active set, and is super quiet. The installation was a bit tricky, as you have to remove the ground wire welded to the back of the bridge. You also need to place the battery properly so it won?t shake when you play. Took me less than 20 minutes to install (including cleaning the guitar!). Looks beautiful and plays even more beautiful.

I?m a huge fan of Gilmour and this gave me access to his tones. The first song I played after installing them was a Pink Floyd song. You need to experiment with the wide range of tones it gives you and you?ll love it as much as I do.

Highly recommended and worth every penny put into it.


Incredibly versatile!
Niklas R 31.01.2022
When most people think of EMGs they usually think of metal which, these pickups definitely can pull off. But, where these pickups truly shine is in the clean and overdriven sounds.
The most vital elements of this set are the EXG and SPC tone controls. These are very useful for shaping the sound of the guitar and is what makes these pickups so versatile. The EXG is a high and low boost (great for adding more clarity to your sound) and the SPC is a mid boost (great for making your guitar more present in a dense mix). When both controls are left at "0" you essentially have a strat with all the tone controls on "10". And of course, these pickups completely eliminate the hum as with all active EMGs.
Over all, I don't think you can go wrong with this set. If you are looking to make your strat more versatile, then this is the set for you.


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