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Fishman Platinum Pro EQ


Analogue Preamp for Acoustic Guitar & Bass

  • Class A preamp
  • Tone Shaping: 5-band EQ with sweepable mids
  • Adjustable low cut filter
  • Feedback Control: semi-parametric notch filter and phase invert switch
  • 12 dB Boost
  • symmetric XLR DI output with pre/ post EQ switch
  • Built In Tuner
  • Power supply: 9 V battery or power adaptor (Article Nr 409939 - not included)
  • Dimensions: 158 x 143 x 54 mm
Available since December 2014
Item number 353852
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Design Floorboard
Tube(s) No
Amp Modeling No
Effects No
Headphone Output No
Direct Out Yes
MIDI Interface No
Integrated Expression Pedal No
Connections for Pedals or Switches No
Aux-Input No
Integrated Tuner Yes
USB-Port No
Drum-Computer No
Effect Types Preamp
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103 Reviews

Fishman quality
piggy 24.08.2019
I will try to keep this short but there are so many positive aspects to this pedal.
My Setup-Taylor 110e with ES2 pickup--Fishman Tonedeq--Fishman Platinum Pro EQ---Fishman Artist Loudbox or Maui 11 G2.So with that out of the way this my impression after playing and dialing it in for about 20 minutes.......Absolutely awesome the sound that comes out of my has improved enormously and you have a wide spectrum of tone sculpting.Even though the amp has antifeedback and a phase switch I was having feedback problems I can literally sit in front of my amp, play and the notch knob is only turned to 4 and the phase switch on the pedal is on and ...the feedback is eliminated!! WHY!?? didnt I buy this pedal before I mean really it is way worth its money and then some.This pedal should be on every acoustic musicians pedalboard..period.

I tried it through my Maui 11 G2 and the sound was what I expected..really good and the sound from the Tonedeq were clearer than
The sound from the Maui 11 G2 with this pedal just sounds better than before.

The tuner is quick,easy to see and accurate and can be used for multiple acoustic instruments....which is very good but....if you are playing in the sun it is VERY HARD TO SEE IT.Boost works well.
I am really impressed with this pedal and absolutely would recommend it without hesitating.
I would buy it again if anything went wrong.

Negatives-should have bought it earlier! lol


smart and useful preamp
Adri 05.10.2016
I bought this to have more control over my tone, I play an acoustic guitar with a Fishman pro blend installed, they work together quite well.

The EQ filters are what I was looking for, you have a low cut knob, bass, mids, and treble and another called 'brillance' which works like an upper treble filter. You can select the frequency affected by the mid knob, something quite useful to cut those muddy mid-range tones that feedback so easily when amplifying acoustic guitars.

Compressor, tuner, input trim, boost... these features are useful to some extent.

The tuner has an accuracy of +5- cents, it could be better as some clip-on tuners can get at +3-.

When I wanted to keep the input and boost levels fixed, had to stick some tape over them, otherwise it's easy to mess up the levels, a thing to be aware of when plugging in an amp or hitting the boost!

By the way the boost is a nice feature, say you're playing rhythm full on with the band and here comes your solo, boost some Db up and cut through!... I find the minimum setting boosting +3db is quite enough for me!

Compressor is also good for when you play a mix of stumming and picking as it will level up the dynamics making your stumming sound a bit quieter and you picking louder but I would not abuse of it.

It works with passive and active pickups, with passive you just have to adjust the input trim and you'll get a good signal.

The battery lid seems a bit flimsy and the battery itself feels like is wanting to spring out of its placement, there is not a fixing connector, so I'm afraid if the lid breaks I'll be forced to buy the power supply.

I was waiting for it to come out last year, the best for me is having all of this analogue filtering features plus a tuner in a small stompbox and I'd say it was worth the wait and the money.


Good sounding preamp, lacking some necessary things
EsatE 21.06.2021
I use it with the doublebass equipped with Fishman Fullcircle. The preamp really improved the amplified sound; EQ is voiced perfectly, really warm and clear tones. Low-cut/phase/notch/parametric mid really help against feedback in the usual loud settings I play. Compressor is nice and light, boost works really cleanly. Tuner is clearly visible and accurate.
Effects loop works good. After years of hauling my amp everywhere, I'm happy just to bring the Platinum Pro with me and use whatever PA or bass amp that's on offer at the venue. You will get a good sound with this unit no matter what.
- DI out sounds good but the output is too hot and loud, and it really is lacking a dedicated level/volume control.
- Tuner runs only while muted. Pity that it can't run at all times.
- Locations of jack inputs are not to my liking. Cables get in the way.


Does what it says on the tin
Jimbo88 04.04.2022
Very versatile pre amp with decent features all around. Would recommend


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