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Harley Benton BM-75 Trans Red Deluxe Series

Electric Guitar

  • Body: Mahogany
  • Set-in neck: Mahogany
  • Fretboard: Amaranth
  • Fretboard inlays: Dot
  • Fretboard radius: 350 mm
  • Scale: 635 mm
  • Nut width: 42 mm
  • 24 Frets
  • Pickup: 3x Vintage Style single coils
  • 1 Master volume, 1 master tone control
  • 5-Way pickup selector switch
  • 3 Phase switch
  • Chrome hardware
  • Floating tremolo
  • Grover machine heads
  • Ex-factory stringing: .010 - .046
  • Colour: Trans Red high gloss
  • Suitable case: (optional): 172299 (not included)

Further Information

Colour Red
Soundboard Mahogany
Neck Mahogany
Fretboard Amaranth
Frets 24
Scale 635 mm
Pickup System SSS
Tremolo Yes
Incl. Case No
Incl. Gigbag No

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A good guitar in its own right
Norwichbadger, 29.10.2020
Although this is a Brian May tribute guitar it is also a good guitar in its own right. It is not an exact copy in that it has a 5 way switch rather than 3 separate pickup switches although it does have a phase reverse switch for each pickup. This means that you get the strat-type inbetween sounds but not the series sounds that the BM original offers. I partly solved this by implementing the widely described series strat wiring. This means that by using the middle phase switch as a parallel/series switch I can get bridge and middle and middle and neck in series as per the original and much like humbucking pickups work. It means that the inbetween sounds are much louder. All other functionality is as before as the phase switches for the bridge and neck can be used to provide out of phase tones. I don't have the Neck and Bridge in series but that could be implemented with a pull switch on the tone control.
I wanted to make these mods but they are not essential. As it stands its a fine guitar with a good range of sounds. The neck is full in the hand without being overly chunky and the finish is superb. I wanted one of these not as a BMtribute but as a Burns tribute! I remember seeing magnificent transparent red Burns Vista Sonic and Vista Artist guitars in a shop window when they first came out (yes I am that old!) and I have always wanted one. I finally got to play a Burns Vista Artist and I was disappointed with the neck. No such disappointment with this! The pickups look the same and sound great. Ok the vibrato is different but the guitar as a whole is excellent. Buy one, don't mod it unless you know what you are doing it is too good to mess up. Mine is now close to perfection.
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Well done tribute guitar
FenderPete, 23.11.2020
I have had my eye on this guitar for quite some time and when it became available again I had to snap it up, and I don't regret it at all. The price of this guitar is extremely competitive for the quality and sound.

The pickups are nice and bright, as is expected from a SSS layout, and the build quality if good.

- switches are solid and positive feeling.
- No crackling when turning the pots, I will come back to this later after extensive use.
- tuning machines are nice and tight, not too loose or tight.
- smooth trem performance with it coming back to tune after use regularly.
- fret ends and bindings are nice and smooth.
- frets are seated properly

- although the 5 way switch works well, it's a shame that the individual pickup on/off switches were removed. I like playing with bridge and neck so I will need to modify the tone to be a push/push style to get that functionality.
- guitar was very dirty when received, the but was very dusty so I had to properly clean the guitar before use, but this is more nit-picking.
- neck/body joint seemed to have leaked some adhesive and it was not cleaned properly and just painted over so there is a visible raised imperfection on the top of the guitar and I hope it does chip over time.
-frets are not polished so bending is quite gritty but that is easily fixed.
- wiring seems to be parallel, but would have liked it to be series. Maybe a future mod.

Overall this is a solidly built and sounding guitar. For those who want the red special feel without the BMG or custom made guitar prices then this is the way to go.
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Lance Z., 12.07.2021
I have owned 4 or 5 real BMG Special LEs over the past several years. I have tried so hard to like them, but I’ve never been able to get past 3 issues: 24” scale length, serial pickup wiring (though I have performed the serial/parallel switch mod on a couple of them), and the closeness of the pickups to the strings (interferes with my picking style).

This BM-75 solves all of those issues for me, while also being a ridiculously well-built and great-sounding guitar for the money. The 25” scale length is perfect. The parallel wiring is far more pleasant than series, to my ears. And the pickup(s) height is more like a Strat, leaving plenty of room for digging in without hitting a pickup with the pick.

Regarding the pickup options, I lose neck+bridge, with corresponding two out-of-phase options for it. And I lose neck+middle+bridge option with all the out-of-phase options for it. I don’t mind, though. This still gives me plenty of whacky out-of-phase tones to play with and use.

Regarding the middle out-of-phase switch: some have implied that it is redundant. It is not redundant. Sonically, it matters which pickup is out-of-phase. This guitar, in particular, produces a distinctly different tone depending on which is used in (especially) neck+middle or (less noticeably) middle+bridge. This is true on a real BMG, too. It’s true on any guitar that provides a per-pickup phase-switching option. But it is slightly more pronounced on the BM-75 than on the BMG Special LEs I’ve owned.

Anyway, great guitar. After I tested it through the AFX3 for a half hour, I said to myself, “Perfect.” Just a great value. Built well, plays well, sounds great, feels great.
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Excellent value & well worth the investment
Ted D , 04.01.2021
I’ve never owned a 24 fret guitar (I have LP’s Strat’s & Tele’s etc.) & really like the design/look of the guitar. However my main interest was in the sound combinations on offer & having read & watched many YouTube reviews, I decided to buy. I should mention my preferred style means I don’t require a whammy/tremolo function (all my Strat’s are locked/hard tailed) … Here goes…
Most or all will know a new guitar takes a while to truly settle in & will require adjustments, but straight out of the box, this was very playable with the standard factory set up. It feels well balanced on a strap when standing up & equally comfortable to play sitting down. I did actually try the whammy/tremolo for a while and it behaved exactly as expected for this Fender style of design … On to my preference for a locked/hardtail set up. Once I had altered the set-up, there were noticeable & beneficial changes in how the guitar played. The fretboard profile feels very flat & that is not a criticism, it is simply different from what I’m used to & not the guitar.
Summary: After a set-up up to suit my needs, I find this to be a really versatile & very impressive guitar. This review is written about two weeks after delivery, so obviously I cannot comment on longer term reliability & how robust hardware is etc. However, I can say it is a very welcome addition alongside my other instruments & gives me new tones both in a recording & live environment. I believe this guitar to be absolutely worth the price paid. Finally, from placing the order to actual receipt was, as always, hassle free & so once again I’m a very happy customer.
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