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LD Systems U508 IEM HP


In-Ear Monitoring System

  • Set includes a LDU508IEMT transmitter, a LDU508IEMR receiver, and a LDIEHP2 in-ear headphones
  • Frequency range: 823-832 and 863-865 MHz
  • 96 Channels to choose from
  • 2, 10 or 30 mW ERP selectable transmission power
  • More than 100 m range
  • Infrared synchronisation
  • Bodypack has a runtime of 10 h with 2x AA batteries
  • U500 IEM transmitter is compatible with U300 IEM bodypacks
  • Includes a 19" rackmount kit, BNC antenna, power adapter, 3 pairs of foam eartips, 3 pairs of silicone eartips and a transport case
Switchable Frequencies Yes
Mono/Stereo Mono, Stereo
Limiter Yes
Incl. Earpieces Yes
available since October 2020
Item number 485379
Frequency from 823 MHz
Frequency to 865 MHz
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Professional features on a budget

The LD Systems U508 IEM HP wireless in-ear monitoring system represents a further development of the company’s best-selling MEI 1000 G2 system. Comprising a stationary transmitter, a pocket receiver, and an in-ear headset, it allows wireless transmissions to be made over distances of up to 100 metres, and the system comes at a budget-friendly price. It delivers a good price-performance ratio by combining affordability with professional features such as infrared synchronisation and adjustable noise limiting (squelch), and the transmitter is of course equipped with balanced XLR/jack combo sockets. In addition to the bright OLED displays on both the body pack and the receiver, another attractive feature is that the bundle also includes a rack kit and transport case – accessories that are unusual for wireless systems at the “budget” price point.

Easy to operate

The LD Systems U508 IEM HP operates in an audio range of 40 Hz to 16 kHz and thus covers all relevant frequencies for speech and vocals as well as for instruments, with the exception of the extreme low end of the bass spectrum. The monitoring sound can be adapted using the integrated equaliser, and the set boasts additional features that make it both practical and convenient to use: The transmitter’s front-mounted headphone output has a volume control and features a high-pass filter, allowing the audio signal to be heard without invasive “rumbling” from the bass frequencies, and of course the pocket receiver’s headphone output also features a dedicated volume control. The body pack’s antenna is screw-mounted and can be removed for greater ease of transport, and its frequency selection and mute buttons are protected by a cover that features an easy-to-open sliding mechanism.

Practical simultaneous operation

Because the LD Systems U508 IEM HP transmits in the ranges of 823 to 832 and 863 to 865 MHz, it can be operated without registration or additional fees, making it particularly interesting for amateurs and semi-pros looking for a wireless system that does not generate any additional costs beyond the initial purchase price. A pre-configured set of 96 channels with assigned frequencies make setups quick and easy, but manual frequency selection is also possible when necessary. If several of these wireless transmission paths are required at the same time, they can also be assigned individual names, which makes this system ideal not only for speakers and presenters but also for bands and for round table discussions and interviews where ease of operation and affordable purchase costs are a priority.

About LD Systems

LD Systems originated in Germany and is a brand of the Adam Hall Group. The company’s ambition is to give musicians the freedom they need to effectively express their musical ideas on stage. To achieve this, LD Systems has developed products that include affordable speaker series, wireless microphones, and in-ear monitoring systems. LD Systems attaches great importance to the durability and user-friendliness of its products. Right from the development stage, attention is paid to simple, intuitive, and effective operability. LD Systems also pays great attention to the design of its equipment, so that the technology is not only acoustically but also visually attractive. Accordingly, LD Systems has already been awarded several renowned design prizes.

Rapid connection and excellent endurance

With a range that can even exceed 100 metres, the LD Systems U508 IEM HP is ideal as a wireless monitoring set for musicians and presenters working in small-sized halls and at large events. Because the pocket receiver has up to ten hours of battery life, it can be used both for events that fill the entire evening and for successive short performances without having to replace or recharge the batteries each time. Bands who regularly play at different locations and run multiple wireless systems simultaneously will also benefit from this system’s features: For instance, the transmitter and receiver can be synchronised via infrared connection at the touch of a button. And since up to 12 of these wireless systems can be operated at once, this feature can be enormously helpful.

Information on the supported frequency ranges

Here you can see which frequencies are supported by this wireless system and the countries in which these frequencies are allowed in the future for wireless applications.

All information is without guarantee

3 Customer Reviews

Classy Looking IEM System With Excellent Sound Quality
JimsabesT 16.01.2021
Having carried out a lot of research into In-Ear Monitoring systems I decided to purchase the LD Systems U508 IEM T which is placed in the lower price range. I was apprehensive awaiting the delivery of my IEM, hoped I would not regret my investment. I need not have worried. This new model with ear pods from LD Systems looks classy, is solidly built and the in ear sound quality is perfectly sharp and clear. There is intermittent interference but it is minimal, it doesn't cause any disruption to the sound signal. The frequency I use, 863.100, boasts 8 groups of 12 channels (96 Channels in total) broadcasting on either 2 or 10mW which gives a good range of movement.

Channels can be individually named on the transmitter, and in turn can be synchronized to the body/pocket pack (Receiver) along with the settings. This enables the setting up of different personalisation's for Vocal, Guitar, Drums etc. There are numerous settings for brightness of OLED displays, volume, RF, Audio, Control Lock etc., it also boasts a tone which warns when the two AA batteries need to be replaced. The body pack happily works on rechargeable batteries.

At its price bracket, this IEM system is fantastic value for money, it is comparable sound wise with much dearer systems. It is extremely easy to use. Its various menus are user friendly and logically laid out. I would have no hesitation in recommending the LD Systems U508 IEMT T to anyone considering its purchase, it can also be purchased without ear pods allowing the use of existing in ear pods or even headphones. As usual, Thomann provided their excellent service with the product well packaged and delivered on time.


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Domi dom 22.08.2021
Bon produit excepté les écouteurs qui tiennent mal sur les oreilles et le son reste très moyen je les ai remplacé par des sennheiser IE 100 pro Clear à 95€ l'ensemble est d'un bon rapport qualité-prix


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Bin zufrieden
Tschaggon 27.05.2021
Ich habe das Ziel, dieses In-Ear Monitoring System sobald ich wieder grössere Live-Auftritte habe, zu benutzen. Momentan habe ich es erst in meinem Studio ausprobieren können. Bin zufrieden mit dem Klang, wenn genug Volumen ans System gesendet wird. XLR klingt besser als Jack meiner Meinung nach. Für den Preis kann man nichts sagen, das System funktioniert sehr intuitiv und es funktioniert in einer angemessenen Distanz einwandfrei. Bin zufrieden.


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