Millenium The Strike Double Bass Pedal
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It's okay not great. long review but please read before buying.
Millennium strike pedal 02.02.2023
First Impressions were really nice, it`s the cheapest direct drive pedal you're ever going to find with a warranty. It's nice that it could be split into and have two single bass drums there is a conversion that comes with the chain in case you don't like the direct drive. Pedal and beater angle can be completely adjusted independently. And a removeable back heel board.
There were two main issues when I received this pedal the slave pedal, no matter how much you changed the tension and will never feel like the main pedal. Slave pedal feels a lot stiffer and a lot harder to push down. Main solution was to put the tension on the main pedal as high as it could go and the slave to about medium to low tension. it's the only way that they feel the same. (Might be a bad bearing on the slave side)
Also, the shaft that connects the main pedal to the slave pedal completely fell apart on me, all the little bolts that hold one of the hinges together completely fell apart in less than 2 weeks of me owning the pedal.
I did let Thomann know and they haven't gotten back to me which is why I'm giving the review that I'm giving.
Please know what you're getting yourself into I bought it on an Impulse thinking that it was going to be on the same quality as the D-drum pedal which is a 1 to 1 copy of that pedal unless Thomann is the one that supplies that pedal to D-drum just with better quality control. Find it kind of weird that they sell everything from D-drum other than their pedals (take the hint).
I know budgets range different for everyone, but I think in this situation it might be worth saving a little bit of extra money and get a better pedal even some chain pedals feel better than this one. Decent for the money fast shipping horrible customer service the choice is yours.
Edit: 2/15/2023
Thomann got back to me and sent a replacement. Good job Thomann thank you!
But there is a problem. The replacement pedals feel a lot better than 1st set I got. Slave pedal feels like the main at all tensions. The shaft now instead of fall apart is Dis aligned both hinges fit in the middle shaft, but one is facing out instead of up it twists the pedals one foot board will be lower than the other. Easy solution was to grab the aligned hinged and the use the 1st shaft set that came with the 1st pedals.
The clip that holds the beater becomes easy to be undone solution was to grab the old clip and put it on the new pedals. Now the beater won't fall out.
All of this tell me one thing (Thomann needs better quality control). I have 2 sets pedals each with their own issues, which made me have to Frankenstein between parts to make it good.
Now for the money if you want to gamble on it at your own risk go for it but if you`re the type that like to buy something, and it just works this might not be for you. I retract the customer service angle Thomann`s great with Customers. I still stand on saving money and getting a better pedal with a good reputation to back it up.
I still have to wait to see how the return for the replacement works, will update on the experience using Thomann for the 1st time.


Millenium The Strike Double Bass Pedal