Doepfer A-143-4


Eurorack Module

  • Four independent VCLFOs / VCOs with triangle core
  • LEDs
  • Sum output (with internal jumpers to select what should be summed)
  • Eurorack format
  • Width: 22 HP
  • Depth: 60 mm
  • Power requirement: +100 mA (+ 12V) / -100 mA (-12V)
Available since January 2012
Item number 275362
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Analog Yes
Digital No
Width 22 TE / HP
variants Doepfer
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13 Reviews

cheapest oscillators in town
derkatsh 13.02.2018
This module is the heart of my setup (yes, LFOs in audio range), including live performances. I love the sync modes and fm functionality.
There are only 2 tiny issues (one can live with):
(1) it needs to warm up. According to manual it takes 20min but I did spectograms and for my needs (microtonal stuff) they require ~45min (from powering on to the stable point all 4 oscillators seem to slowly raise the frequency -- mind Ilive in a very hot climat).
(2) when I try to tune 2 of these vcos very close to each other, instead of nice "flangery" sound I get a dull tone -- somehow they tend to converge towards unisono. This is mentioned in the manual.
Ah, for "musical" applications mind they don't track too well for higher pitches, obviously A-111 would be a better choice.
Nevertheless, top notch module for a very good price.


complexity squared!
Anonymous 16.10.2016
I decided to add this module to my system as I was needing a couple more LFOs and I thought the feature of switching to VCOs might also come in handy.

This module has superceeded all my expectations. The range of frequency is incredible: as slow as hours for one cycle to higher than my ears can hear! But this really comes into it's own when you start patching it into itself. The complexity of modulation possibilities is enormous. I sometimes use it to produce chords and with careful tuning you can keep them in tune over a few octaves.

Use the square/gate outputs through a logic circuit and you can create really interesting evolving rythms and arythmic triggers.

I've been exploring this one for many months now and still feel I've hardly scratched the surface of the possibilities.


An absolute beast!
John Somatix 08.05.2014
I'd heard great things about this module and finally tool the plundge a few weeks ago - i'm only now gettign around to reviewing it as i can't keep off the thing! I can honestly say it's an amazing piece of gear. The ability to cross modualte and sum outputs is just mindblowing. Needless to say HOURS will fly by once you start to play with it.

I was initally unsure about only having 2 waveforms, however, having used it for only a few minutes my concerns melted away along with an increase of cable usage (I foolishly only bought 4 doepfer cables with this, you need more!). I can honestly say that this type of module is why i moved from "regular synths" to the modualr world.

If you need x4 LFOs or x4 VCOs (or a combination of the two which is when things get very interesting) then I'd highly recommend this unit. My fav purchase next to the Doepfer filter so far. An absolute BEAST!


Great starter's sound source
Peak 19.02.2018
I brought it in the first batch of modules as only sound source and for learning/experimenting purposes you can save long time and money before buying regular, more precise and featured audio oscillator.
Then, you've still got four LFOs, switchable to VCOs, used independently, or all by single common inputs, with convinient sum outputs and reset options.
Great Doepfer's quad modules line.