Mission Engineering SP1-L6H-BK


Expression Pedal

  • With integrated switch ideal for use with the Line 6 Helix Rack, Rack Floor Controller or HX Stomp
  • Precisely tailored to the specifications of the Helix for precise and natural control
  • Integrated toe switch to turn effects on and off without the need for a separate footswitch (Helix Rack only)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 251 x 99 x 76 mm
  • Weight: 1.43 kg
  • Colour: Black
available since December 2015
Item number 376098
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Volume pedal No
Expression Pedal Yes
Wah pedal No
Boost function No
Stereo No
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This is a high standard, but...
Barry Junius 28.01.2021
One thing I've noticed most is this pedal built in a very robust material, it really does. Heavy duty one. Amazingly built! And works just seamlessly with my Helix Rack and the controller.

Two small matters that a bit bothered me is the first: the soft round white flanel patch in the back of the pedal which meet the toe switch button (to reduce the pressure bump) is a bit offset and pretty much not centered with the switch button. But good thing is that Mission give as a spare patch in case we will have to replace.

Second one is the toe swicth a bit less "clicky" for my taste. I will love it even better if the toe switch feel more "clicky" when pressed, it's just feel more ensure that I have toe swithed the pedal. But maybe this one just for my own preference.

Other than that, this pedal is a very high quality product.


Excellent product.
Paul8331 04.09.2016
This expression pedal is specifically designed for use with the Line 6 Helix units.

I have the rack version of the Helix and the separate foot controller. Unlike the floor version of the Helix, the separate floor controller does not have an expression pedal.

While many other pedals work with the Helix, the Mission L6H allows both treadle and button control. It connects to the Helix floor controller or to the main rack with 2 standard mono TS cables. 1 jack deals with the treadle and the other deals with the toe switch.

The amount of control it gives to the Helix is staggering. It can be just a volume control. Or pressing the toe down can activate a wah, turn on a drive pedal and change the amp model in use. It can be mapped to drive levels within a pedal too, or change reverb mix, or the mid control on an amp.

The build quality is excellent. The treadle is nicely weighted and does not squeak!

To get even more out of the Helix needs a full midi controller. I don't need that and the Mission L6H gives me all the control I need.

Excellent well built product!


Reassuringly Expensive
AlexSaint 23.12.2020
When I decided on my Helix Rack, I wanted to add an expression pedal along with the floor controller. This looked like the most promising choice, and I'm perfectly satisfied.

- The range of motion is in the Goldilocks zone; not too much, not too little. Just right.
- The pot functions fine without any scratchiness or big jumps in operation, whether used as a wah or volume pedal.
- While it was initially quite stiff out of the box, it was pretty simple to adjust the tension to suit me.
- The build quality is set to "tank". You could take a running jump at this on a stage and it would just say "Again! Again!"

The only issue I had was that after adjusting the tension, the toe switch wasn't quite activating, but some fiddling with the included tools and accessory pads fixed that after a few minutes.

Overall, highly recommended. I'll probably grab another (maybe two for separate wah and volume) for use with my AxeFX.


Great pedal, very robust,
Janice 20.02.2019
I currently have 2 of these -They are very good pedals and play very nicely with my Helix Rack setup. They're quite heavy despite the reasonably small footprint. Certainly very robust.
These things are built to last, although of course that's reflected in their price!

I use a volume pedal a lot whilst playing, and to me these pedals can feel quite short throw and slack. Thankfully it's easy to stiffen the action and alter the calibration if needed. Once set up, the pedal holds it's feel well and the adjustment mechanism is suitably robust.

The housings themselves are quite clunky when the pedal is in use. At most normal playing volumes this is of no concern at all, but for some scenarios such as a "live in the studio with headphone monitoring" situation where bleed can be an issue, some damping of the base, treadle end stops, and switch tip is necessary. I used a bit of old carpet to cut some base plates and a few thin felt washers - much improved.


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