SKB FS-6 Electric Guitar Case


Hard Shell Form Case

  • For ST-Style, T-Style and left-handed guitars (does not fit LH Strat with large 70s headstock), also suitable for PRS SE 22/24
  • Trigger release latch system
  • TSA-recognised and approved latch
  • Padded, rubber-coated handle
  • Aluminium flounce
  • "Full length support" for neck
  • Sturdy EPS inner foam
  • External dimensions (L x W x D): 104.14 x 39.37 x 13.34 cm
  • Weight: 3.72 kg

Internal dimensions:

  • Length: 99.70 cm
  • Depth: 6.99 cm
  • Lower body width: 32.39 cm
  • Upper body width: 28.58 cm
Colour Black
Cases For ST-Style Guitars Yes
Cases For T-Style Models Yes
for double cut models No
Cases For V-Style Guitars No
foe semi-hollowbody models No
for single cut models No
Cases For Jazzguitars No
For Other Models No
available since May 2003
Item number 160177
sales unit 1 piece(s)
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Best case I own
DanielPicon 03.03.2019
This is the second time I buy this case. Since I left it in my home country (Which I have not been to in 6 years) then I decided to buy it again for my new Strat.

I have a gibson les paul hardshell case and also a thomann hollow body case. This case feels and looks so much better than those 2 in my opinion.

I don't know much about fender cases, but just by looking at the pictures I thought this case would be a better fit.

So I would recommend if you need it for a Strat. But also for a super strat type guitar. The one that I have back home fit a schecter hellraiser c1fr that I had some time ago.


Safe. Durable. Comfortable.
MyNicknameMustBeAtLeastFiveCharactersLong 16.11.2021
I use this case (cases) since more than 10 years now. The one from Thomann I bought in 2012.

This case has one big drawback - it is not waterproof.

The rest is a dream.
- Fits great (I am using it for my super Strat guitars)
- It’s solidly build, protects the guitar very well
- Has TSA locks (I was successfully using it on different short European flights)
- It’s comfortable - does not hurt you, when you carrying it

Now - as those a re guitar cases, mine have quite a lot of different scratches on them. You almost throw them to the car, bus, or somewhere on stage. It’s normal wear. But they are functioning perfectly over all those years, and probably will function the same way for next decades.

Pure recommendation.


Lo Fi 24.05.2021
Léger et solide. Je préfère ce modèle aux flightcases rectangulaires qui sont beaucoup plus encombrants.
L'intérieur est très soyeux et ne pose aucun problème pour une guitare vintage. C'est l'écrin de ma strat de 67 !
Par contre, on est obligé d'enlever la sangle, sinon la guitare ne rentre pas. Ceci dit, elle est très bien maintenue et il n'y pas de ballottement de la guitare durant les transports. Il y a moyen de laisser le vibrato, mais il faut appuyer un peu pour fermer ; mieux vaut l'enlever. Le logement pour rangement est assez petit mais suffisant pour le vibrato, sangle (pas trop grosse) etc. Par contre je n'aimais pas trop l'idée que l'ergot (dans le genre simili cuir) avec cette attache en métal touche le manche de ma vieille strat. Du coup, je l'ai enlevé. On ne voit pas de trace et la trappe s'ouvre quand même facilement.


A very good guitar case.
Carl J. 29.08.2014
After much research on the internet I decided to buy this case. It looks and feels very sturdy and fits my Godin Session Custom TriplePlay snugly. The TSA lock is an excellent addition when traveling as customs can open and inspect the contents of the case without forcing the locks open.

It's not without its faults, the case has very little place for cables, effects etc. The case smelled very heavily of the industrial glue used to fasten the plush inside material but this was solved by leaving the case open for a few days.

As the case is guitar formed and not rectangular I've had great success in bringing it onboard on all the flights I've been on.


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