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Thomann E-Guitar Case Tweed


Electric Guitar Case Tweed

  • For Strat and Tele style guitars (including left-handed models)
  • Interior padded with soft red velvet
  • Outer dimensions: 108 x 39 x 11.5 cm
  • Inner dimensions (W x L): 32.5 x 104 cm
  • Weight: approx. 4.7 kg
Available since May 2005
Item number 182474
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Colour Tweed
Cases For ST-Style Guitars Yes
Cases For T-Style Models Yes
for double cut models No
foe semi-hollowbody models No
Cases For V-Style Guitars No
for single cut models No
Cases For Jazzguitars No
For Other Models No
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1295 Reviews

Classic Style - Great Value
Cuztard Pi 16.02.2016
My son selected this ?cool? looking case for me to buy as a present to house & protect his new Fender Tele (which fits perfectly). He is very happy with both.

As usual with this style of case (i.e. a rectangular case / not fully fitted) there is plenty of room inside which does allow the guitar some moving space, more or less, depending on guitar body size/shape; but any undue movement can easily be restricted with judicious placement of a cleaning cloth or 2 around the body of the guitar.
The large enclosed accessory compartment at the top of the case is very useful and something I really miss in my own fitted style guitar cases ?. Hmmm, I might have to invest in one of these myself!!

When empty, the case is a little top heavy due to the accessory compartment so does not balance fully when being carried; however, this imbalance when empty results in a nice balance with a guitar & a few accessories inside, so that the case has a horizontal aspect when being carried & .. clever stuff!! ?. this is a nice hidden feature of this case (all my fitted cases are bottom heavy when being carried (as you would expect)).

The gorgeous tweed finish and striking inner red lining have been well applied & go to make it really look the part and stand out from the rest! That?s what caught my son?s eye!

For an inexpensive case, the general construction quality and hardware appointment is very good and will provide the required & expected long term protection to your ?precious? inside when carried in the car or by hand. However I would not trust this style of case for any 3rd party transport; better safe than sorry!

However, let?s face it, if you buy this case, it is for one reason only ? TWEED!!! It is true that there is something special about guitars & tweed. No matter how clichéd it might be or how ostentatious & flamboyant it clearly is, there is something about tweed & guitars that go together like Black + Sabbath, Pink + Floyd, Purple + Deep .. etc. ;-D Tweed makes an impression; Anyone walking into a gig carrying such a case is certainly making a statement. So, if you are bit of a poseur (as most of us guitarist are .. go on be honest!! that?s why we like pretty looking guitars right!!??), this case is right up your alley!

Yes, you are paying a 30% premium for the pleasure of owning a Tweed case (when compared to Thomann?s own standard black E-Guitar wooden case) but that is only £10 extra and well worth it to show off with.

Thomann?s price for this case (~ £45 as part of a free delivery from Thomann) is very competitive even when compared to any new similar standard good quality hard case that you can find (e.g. on EBay). But once you take into account the fact that it is tweed then it becomes a bit of a bargain; you?ll do well to find a similar good quality ?tweed? case out there for less than a third more!

So if you?re in the market for a new case & you want something different to the boring, run-of-the-mill black cases that you usually see, you would do well to consider this classy looking, well made, tweed beauty.


Thomann E-Guitar Case Tweed
Deadrunner 5150 16.01.2020
I use this for my guitars and I play 90% of the time at home. I got this one because of the price when I ordered a new guitar.

Pros: Price Price Price. I cannot say enough about the quality of this case for the price. Four front buckles, two of which are locking. Four brass stand knobs on the bottom and the end of the case. the tweed is very nice and you can tell right away it is a well manufactured fabric.

Cons: I love this case but want to be fair. There are four very small holes in the tweed, they are in a line and look to have been made by a machine. This probably happened in the feeder for the fabric as it was attached to the case. The compartment inside the case was detached from the sides. There was no issues with the inside fabric and the compartment was not damaged, the nails were showing about an inch so a little hammering and it was fixed. The padding inside if the guitar cavity is minimal but for the price it is still very very nice. Even though I had an issue I will be purchasing this exact case again for my other Harley Benton.

Overall Excellent case for the money, you really cannot beat it and really it is a guitar case and it is there to protect and take any damage. Great jog Thomann!!


Good basic protection
Johnnyalucard 16.04.2018
Needed a few cases for some of my electrics as I will be transporting them a few times over the next couple of weeks. Most of the time they are kept in a rack in my studio so I just needed something functional and cheap.

This isn't a hugely high quality product but for what it is and particularly for its price it is more than ok for the job.

I would have preferred if the lining was a bit plusher and the foam of a higher quality but for the price I'm happy enough.

If I was buying just one case I would probably have gone for a higher price/quality item but as I needed to buy multiple cases for just occasional use and I don't fancy having to lay out too much money I am very happy that these are available.

My Tele fits snugly and the Tweed actually looks and feels great which I wasn't expecting!


Comparison review against 2 other Thomann Cases
SukiB 13.01.2020
I bought 3 different cases for my Stratocasters, in order to determine which was best to buy further purchases. This is in order to store my very large collection of Strats which do not have cases. This might be useful for those making a choice between these products.

The products I purchased were: Thomann E-Guitar Case Tweed (€58), Thomann E-Guitar Case ABS (€55), and Thomann E-Guitar Case BK Wood (€48).

Here I am reviewing the Thomann E-Guitar Case Tweed (€58). Please read my other reviews for the other products for comparison.

First of all, they are all fantastic value for money. Nothing else even comes close, so well done to Thomann.

The quality of the tweed case was very high. The case interior features a compartment and hinged lid which is much better and more useful than the ABS case which has no lid. The interior is plush red velvet, which looked ok, but wasn't to my taste - it isn't anywhere as nice as the darker wine red crushed velvet of the Fender equivalent that it is trying to emulate. This was the most expensive of the 3 cases I bought, but I didn't like it as much as the Thomann E-Guitar Case BK Wood which is €10 cheaper.

That said, if you want a tweed case, and you don't want to pay double for it, this is for you. You really can't go wrong at this price point.