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Electronic breath FX processor

  • Enables control of internal sound generation via voice and breathing via newly developed contact microphone
  • 12 Different timbres: Orpheus, Filterra, Synth, Reverb, Madelay, Impulse, Bassdrum (3 versions), Octava, Generator and Harcho
  • Consists of portable device with all controls, break-out box with two line outputs (6.3 mm jack) and exchangeable microphone (other sound characteristics optionally available)
  • 6.3 mm jack Microphone input can also be used for external signals
  • Connection to break-out box via 4-pin XLR cable (length 4 m)
  • Weight (handset): 840 g
  • Colour: Black
  • Includes connection cable, microphone (characteristic: standard) and power supply (12V DC)
Available since October 2019
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Bass Pedal No
Breath Controller Yes
MIDI Controller No
Filter No
Effects Yes
Sequencer No
Product Specific Expansion No
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Not just any old pipe

With The Pipe Black, Soma Laboratory presents an instrument that is like no other and offers musicians an extraordinary degree of expressiveness and individuality. This breath-controlled electronic effects processor is equipped with a specially designed contact vocal microphone that generates powerful sounds and effects from the user's voice and breath. With certain beatboxing techniques, for instance, it is possible to simulate an electronic drum set - or you can also generate experimental and atmospheric sound effects. Instead of triggering samples, the SOMA Pipe Black extracts as many parameters as possible from the human voice to produce different sounds. The various algorithms allow overdriven, distorted, and raspy-sounding tones to be created, and soaring modulation effects can be added to sung vocals.

Voice-controlled synthesizer

The Pipe Black uses a contact vocal mic, which means that blowing into it is not the only option. The sound generation can also be triggered by oscillations, so it will pick up the vibrations from the player's vocal cords when held against their throat, for example. The Pipe's contact vocal mic can also be removed and an external signal source such as a guitar or additional synth connected via the 6.3mm TRS jack input. The Pipe is designed to be held in the left hand, and the ON/OFF button on the back of the unit is operated with the middle finger, the effect sensor with the index finger. The controls for the three parameters are located on the right side, as are the volume control and the rotary selector for the 12 algorithms that are available. On the opposite side is an information chart that shows the effect of each parameter on the three controls and of the effect sensor on the twelve algorithms. An LFO can thus be controlled via one of the parameters, for example.

Easy to learn

The Pipe gives performance artists a wide palette of sound options with which they can experiment. Two metal cylinders, one on the front for the index finger and one on the back for the thumb, allow its weight of 840 grams to be held comfortably, and the right hand can be placed beneath the illuminated grid on the bottom of the unit to provide additional support. It is thus held in a similar playing position to a wind instrument, though of course it sounds completely different. The M4 threaded bores can also be used to mount The Pipe on a stand or attach a neck strap. The instrument is available in black and white versions and features a robust metal construction. It is supplied with power via its breakout box using a four-pin XLR cable. The breakout box itself has two line outputs to provide a balanced stereo sound using the internal reverb and delay effects.

About SOMA Laboratory

SOMA Laboratory was founded in 2016 by Vlad Kreimer and has locations in both Russia and Poland. The company's biggest success is the Lyra-8 analogue drone synthesizer. SOMA Laboratory's unique and experimental approach allows the creation of expressive high-quality sounds, whilst putting to use the most refined technologies dating from the analogue synthesizer era. The Russian division focuses on development, while the Polish division is responsible for the business end and for manufacturing to international standards.

An extraordinary sonic experience

The Pipe's algorithm control can be used to select between the following options (listed clockwise): Orpheus, Filterra, Synth, Reverb, Modelay, Pulse, three versions of a bass drum algorithm, Octava, Generator, and Harcho. These algorithms can be combined with the human voice in many different ways, such as humming, singing, breathing in and out, speaking and vocalising, and even clicking the tongue, to create all manner of sound effects. The manufacturer's name ("soma" is the Greek word for "body") says it all here - after all, the player uses their entire body to create the sounds. Other vocal contact microphones that are designed for a more precise high or low frequency response are also available for The Pipe.