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Stairville Led Bar 240/8 RGB DMX 30°


LED Floodlight Bar

  • With 240 10 mm LEDs
  • The LED bar 240/8 is ideally suited to the colour light design of stages in clubs, bars, etc.
  • Via the 8 individual and controllable segments, very diverse and dynamic surface effects can be produced
  • A practically limitless range of colours via RGB colour blend
  • Via the LED display, all the main functions can be adjusted and retrieved directly on the device
  • Light source: 240 LEDs with Ø 10 mm (96 red, 72 green, 72 blue)
  • 8 Control segments
  • Beam angle: 30°
  • Power supply: AC 90 V / 240 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
  • Max. power consumption: 25 W
  • Connections: DMX in- and output: 3-pin XLR
  • Power in- and output: IEC (cold device plug)
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Incl. 4 Mounting brackets (2 x short, 2 x long)
  • Scope of application: Inside, -10°C up to +40°C
  • Dimensions: 1064 x 65 x 88.5 mm
  • Weight: 2.6 kg

Possible operating modes:

  • Control via DMX 512 (2, 3, 5, or 24 channels)
  • Master/Slave
  • Auto Run (internal programs)
  • Sound-to-Light (via built-in microphone)
  • Static colour setting
Available since January 2013
Item number 294835
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Outdoor No
Number of LEDs 240
LED Power 10 mm
Colour Mixing RGB
LED Type single colour LED
Fanless Yes
Remote control Optional
wireless DMX No
Housing Colour Black
Individually controllable LEDs No
Length 1 m
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One bar - many shows

Stairville Led Bar 240/8 RGB DMX 30° LED Floodlight Bar

The affordable Stairville LED Bar 240/8 RGB DMX 30° offers multifaceted colour design - literally by the metre. This high-performance decorative bar can be used to bathe walls and surfaces in coloured light. Well over two hundred LEDs shine in all mixable colours over its entire length. A wide variety of effects can be created from the eight segments into which the diodes are grouped. The sub-sections can be triggered separately. An impressive number of chasers are already included in the programme, and the light strip, which is built into a robust metal housing, can be activated in a number of ways. Two sets of mounting brackets of different lengths are included in the scope of delivery, in addition to the power cord.

Stairville Led Bar 240/8 RGB DMX 30° LED Floodlight Bar with accessories

With a sturdy metal housing

The LED Bar 240/8 RGB DMX 30° from Thomann's in-house brand Stairville casts a wide-area light onto walls and ceilings with a beam angle of 30°. Colour mixtures can be created from 240 LEDs in the fixed colours red, green and blue. An impressive selection of 21 fully automatic settings guarantee a tremendous variety. The effect can be operated with buttons and a display on the fixture itself, via DMX, or with an optionally available remote control. Many functions are available, from sound-to-light and master-slave mode to fine-tuning of the flash frequency and fade speed. The metal housing of the decorative light is 1064mm wide, 65mm high, and 88mm deep. One bar weighs just 2.6kg. It can be set up or suspended with the two brackets of different heights.

Closeup of the Stairville Led Bar 240/8 RGB DMX 30° LED Floodlight Bar

For bar, stage, or club

The LED Bar 240/8 RGB DMX 30° from Stairville is a decorative effect for bars, clubs, and stages. The four DMX modes allow clubs a flexible integration into an already existing DMX landscape. One can choose between one, three, five, and 24-channel operation. Mobile DJs can use the bar to set the stage in colour. On the road, the optionally available remote control can come in handy. During transport, the lamps can be kept safe in a custom-made case that is available as an accessory. If the rear wall of a stage is to be illuminated with several LED bars, the IEC power plug of the next bar can be connected to the power out socket of the first bar.

Closeup of the Stairville Led Bar 240/8 RGB DMX 30° LED Floodlight Bar

About Stairville

Seit ihrer Einführung 1994 hat sich die Thomann-Eigenmarke Stairville als feste Größe im Sortiment des Musikhauses etabliert. Das Label bedient in erster Linie alles, was im weitesten Sinn mit Bühnenlicht zu tun hat. Dazu gehören Scheinwerfer, bewegtes Licht, Theaterbeleuchtung, aber auch Nebelmaschinen, Steuerelektronik und jedes andere erdenkliche Zubehör. Thomann führt ständig rund 1.600 Produkte unter dem Markennamen Stairville im Programm, und das mehr als erfolgreich: Statistisch gesehen hat jeder fünfzehnte Thomann-Kunde mindestens ein Produkt von Stairville zu Hause. Der Name „Stairville“ stellt übrigens eine smarte Übersetzung der thomännischen Heimat Treppendorf ins Englische dar.

LED effect for a living room concert

With the Stairville LED Bar 240/8 RGB DMX 30°, your own home can be staged for the next video shoot - quickly and impressively. Even those who would simply like to invite a few friends over for the evening can give their living room the feel of a club using these decorative lights. Just two of these LED bars placed next to each other on the wall create an attractive background for video recordings or photos. To ensure that the bars have identical lighting, they can be switched to master-slave mode and connected using a DMX cable. Once one has found an automatic programme on the master bar, there is really nothing more to worry about. Slow changes with long fade times are recommended for spoken word performances. For concerts, the sound-to-light mode is the best choice.

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795 Reviews

Absolutely Great!
Anonymous 15.11.2015
This Stairville LED Bar is fantastic. I use it for many different applications including uplighting internal and external walls of buildings, washing stages and for pixel mapping. This LED Bar works well in all of these situations and performs well. It has many built in programs and chases, which mean that it can easily be plugged into power and used without any DMX programming etc. In these modes, multiple bars can be synchronized together by using Master/Slave.

As well as the built in programs, the Bar can also be controlled over DMX. The onboard screen allows you to choose the DMX address of the fixture as well as choose how many DMX channels you want the bar to use. (2 Channel, 3 Channel, 5 Channel and 24 Channel). I personally always use 24 Channel mode so that I have more control over the bar, however in testing all the others work well.

The position of the IEC In and Out ports on the back of the bar is great. In is on one end of the bar and Out on the other, reducing the mess of cables when uplighting. It would be good if the DMX ports were like this too, instead of in the middle of the bar like they are currently.

Another con is that when using the onboard screen and buttons, the buttons feel quite loose, like they are going to fall off, although if I'm using DMX and have set the address, I don't need to use the buttons to control the bar.
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Really Nice
Mr Kiki 29.12.2020
I have the ''Stairville Led Bar'' for some time now and I love it.
I use it to my recording studio in the back wall and it really gives a nice smooth brightness to the room.
For the price you paying for the RGB led bar you can adjust a variety of colour which is amazing and what you except from a RGB and also the level of the brightness.Some build in fx like strombling etc. There is a input for dmx control if you have a dmx device mixer which I have no interest for using it but its a good thing that it is there. It comes also with some side metal support so you can hung it in the wall or the ceiling which I don't really know how this is gonna work except you buy a longer power cable.

The build I try not to touch or move it as much as possible because it gives me the impression that it will break up. I would like to have a controller also with it so that I can adjust whenever I want and don't mess with this annoying buttons behind the RGB bar. Some more variety in the colours would be also nice.

Coclusion: If you want something stable for your studio it does what it supposed to do but always think about how big your room is in a smaller room I would suggest something smaller because of the space that it takes.
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Possibly the best value you can get for your money
ScottN 28.07.2016
At this price I am blown away by this light and all it's features! I bought four of these lights in a pack and what a difference they have made to my band's lighting show. The option to choose the DMX Channel mode means it is a versatile fixture. The light comes with two sets of floor stands which are great to use when you want to outline a stage. For the best effect however, I recommend getting some clamps for them and rigging these lights down from a truss in lines. You can create some amazing patterns with the chases and it offers really different lighting looks which will give your stage character. Do not be worried about these lights not being bright enough either! Their colours are rich and the brightness is fantastic. If you cant afford a LED screen with visuals for your band, these LED Bars will do a great job at adding some movement to your backdrop. I will definitely be getting more of these lights in the future! The value for money is outstanding, another high quality and well built product from Stairville, what more could you want?
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Even better than I'd hoped
Bassydave 12.01.2023
Bought 2 of these as a set with Stairville carry bag in Spring 2018. Used them several times a year since then and for small gigs the (50 to 300 people gigs) and combined with other stage lights they look absolutely great. Very nice build quality and very versatile with many different auto and manual settings. I usually have them at the back of the stage pointing up to light the backdrop. I set one up as DMX 'master' on the sound activated setting and use a DMX lead to the other which is set to 'slave'. This sync's the lights to work together and is a really good simple effect that works well for me. Could not be more pleased with these and work even better than I expected. My only very tiny issue is that it would be absolutely perfect if they had proper feet each end to stand them on. The metal leg/brackets they came with are ok but I have to be careful to stand and adjust them to be sure the lights don't fall over. They come with 2 different length leg/brackets and are really for fixing the lights to a permanent structure. The lights do stand on these ok though but are not designed specifically for this purpose. A very small issue but that said I would without doubt definitely recommend them. Also if buying a pair of lights I would also recommend the Stairville bag. A quality very good value bag, it has kept my lights looking like almost new. Many thanks Thomann........ Just to add, I unfortunately managed to crack the plastic Plexi lens on one of my lights a few months after getting them. Entirely my own fault. I sent an email to Thomann in the forlorn hope that they could get me a replacement. They promptly replied that they could send me one. I immediately made payment and about a week later my light was as it should be with a new lens. Absolutely great Thomann. Many thanks.
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