Startone STR 25 Bb-Trumpet


Bb Trumpet

  • Gold brass leadpipe
  • Stainless steel valves
  • ML bore
  • Adjustable ring at third slide
  • Saddle at the first slide
  • Nickel silver outerslides
  • Brass bell
  • Clear lacquer finish
  • Easy response
  • Dimensions: 49 x 14.5 x 8 cm
  • Cup diameter: 124 mm
  • Weight: 1.18 kg
  • Incl. mouthpiece and case
  • Completely workshop tested
available since March 2006
Item number 188681
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Bore Size Medium Large
Bell Material Brass
Valve Material Stainless Steel
Leadpipe Material Gold Brass
Finish Clear Lacquered
One Piece Design No
Incl. Mouthpiece Yes
Incl. Case / Gigbag Yes
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Are you on a budget and want to try your hand at playing brass? Then this might be your trumpet
teaddict 27.02.2018
It's been about two and a half years since I bought this instrument now, so I figured I should revisit my review now that I have some more experience playing trumpet in general, and this instrument in particular. To make this easy, I'll be dividing this review into two sections.

The Good:
The valves are surprisingly pleasant for the price, and are still holding up just as well now as they did when I first bought the instrument. And it has a quite pleasant tone for being so cheap. It's a very pretty trumpet too, and the lacquer has held up quite nicely.

The case is pretty decent as well, at least after I tucked the included white gloves in the channel for the lead pipe in the top. If you don't, your trumpet will wobble around a bit in the case which doesn't seem like it would be too healthy in the long run.

Third tuning slide works fantastic, slides quick and smooth with very little resistance. Compression is quite okay for being a cheap instrument, though the third slide will droop if you place your instrument bell-down on a trumpet stand.

The Bad:
The slotting and intonation is.. not great. Open C below staff is a struggle to hit accurately, as a beginner this was incredibly discouraging, but after trying out a Yamaha YT3335 at a music store I found out it wasn't me, so I just kept at it.

Though the valves were and still are quite good (Yes, really!), the valve caps were initially quite stuck. But squirting some valve oil on the threads helped a lot once I managed to remove them.

The main tuning slide can sort out some of the problem notes, but the relative intonation isn't great so you'll need a good embouchure and know your way around the first and third valve tuning slides to compensate if you are going to record or play with others.

Speaking of the first and third valve slides, there was some black gunk on them initially, which cleaned off fine after a few rounds of giving it a bath and gentle scrub-down. I mentioned before that the third slide still feels fine, but the first... doesn't. Though after giving it a bit of steel wool polishing, which I doubt does any favours for the seal, it slides a little bit more freely.

The main tuning slide was initially quite difficult to move, but some slide grease and a drop or two of oil helps. Think I ended up having to give the main slide a round of steel wool polish as well, but now it moves smoothly without excessive force being needed.

Why should you buy it?
If you need a really really cheap trumpet, it's not a bad deal for the money. You could definitely get a better instrument used for just a little bit more money, but in covid-19 times finding a trustworthy seller can be scary. If you don't mind saving for a bit longer though, I would highly recommend doing so. This instrument is not an easy trumpet to play.


Although I am not qualified to write a review...
fommof 15.01.2019
I bought one of these long time ago, when I was thinking of start playing the trumpet.

I am not a trumpet player (my main instrument is the elec. guitar) so take this quick review with a big grain of salt.

Cosmetically the instrument was fine. In terms of playability, the valves were jamming frequently but oiling the valves every now and then is part of the fun I guess.

I never got to the point of actually playing my butt out of it because it was my very first attempt but I guess it was cheap enough to give it a go and decide that it's not for me.

To the newbies that are thinking of getting in the trumpet word, two things; Buy some oil, you are going to need it regardless thich trumpet you are going to buy; The most difficult part is the "mask" so chances are it's going to take you some time to make decent sounds, it's NOT the intruments fault or flaw.



Great product
Gerardo5491 27.11.2018
My first trumpet, a complete beginner, and Im very happy with this trumpet, For sure I will use it for learning for at least 1 year or more, the price is unbeatable! and it comes in a plastic case where you can store it and transport it safely.
Everything feels alright, sounds fine. I can not compare a lot because is my first trumpet but it is what it is and its purpose is to be affordable for beginners and students to allow you to learn and practice and for its price I think it is an excellent product.
Special thanks to the Thomann team which is always ready to answer any questions, this customer service is the main reason why I can trust Thomann and why it is always my first choice.


Startone STR-25 Bb-Trumpet
Lorcan 30.07.2013
This is a review for the Startone STR-25 Bb-Trumpet.
I purchased it as my first trumpet and I was pleasantly surprised. Since it is my first trumpet, I can't compare it to others, but it gets the job done.
Some of the slides are a bit stiff, but that can be fixed with a bit of oil.
The valves can sometimes get stuck, which is very annoying, but usually that can be fixed. Though it once was permanently stuck, so I had to return it to thomann for a repair. Luckily they fixed it free of charge, so I can continue to play my trumpet.
It comes with a nice case that is very solid. You will definitely need the case as trumpets are quite delicate.

Overall, I'll give this trumpet 4 stars out of five. If you are considering getting a trumpet for the first time I'd recommend this one. Great price.
If you have been playing trumpet for a few years, I'd recommend saving up some more money for something of better quality.