Swissonic USB Hub 1916


This item runs exclusively on an operating voltage of 230 and therefore requires a voltage transformer to run in your country of United States.

USB 3.0 Hub and Charging Station

  • With power switch
  • Front: 1x USB 3.0 Type B and 16x USB 3.0 Type A with status LED
  • Backside: 1x USB 2.0 Type A
  • Format: 19" / 1 HE
  • Weight: 3.52 kg
available since August 2018
Item number 438902
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The best Hub Ever
Safwat 27.09.2020
I am using the Swissonic USB Hub 1916 since 2 months for my Studio equipment, I am connecting the following:
Komplete Kontrol S88
Maschine Jam
Maschine MK 3
2 X 5 TB Drives
Midi Hub
Korg Wavestate
Akai 25
Launch Control
Launch Pad X
Behringer Xenyx X1622USB
Focusrite 8i6
12.9 iPAD

and it is working amazingly well with no hustle. it is so powerful with its 198 watts of power, all equipment are working seamlessly.

It is one of my best investments.

The only one issue I faced is that it has no comprehensive user manual, only one brief datasheet. and when I had some questions I've sent an email to the support team and I did not get any reply. Also there is no reference anywhere on the internet nor a website.

However, the product is amazing and working perfectly well, and I am thinking of buying another one as a backup, as all my studio equipment are depending on that single source of data so I need a backup.


Great USB hub for Studio Applications
Hobo Coco 02.10.2019
Good Solidly made USB hub,1U Metal casing,looks like it would survive life on the road,great that it's rack mountable also,I had looked around for a decent USB hub that catered for larger USB port counts for a while,which wasn't one of those annoying desktop models,I wish it had a few more ports on the Back though as well and that each port was able to be switched on/off,really pleased with this product,works flawlessly, both with USB thumb drives and USB powered devices,and also charges the phone which is handy!!!!my only negative is the USB 3.0 type B cable thats it supplied with is a little on the short side ,would have been nicer to have a longer cable since my rack is not situated near to the Computer,(I have since purchased a longer cable)Overall a good product,if a little bit overpriced for what it is,but suppose there is very little else on the market which offers the same aesthetics and practicalities,easy to use,just simply plug and play,and doesn't seem to suffer power failures to the Connected devices like some of the standalone hubs I've use, a no fuss USB hub,would recommend it for any who wants a decent USB hub with plenty of ports for studio use.


Could be great but it's not
DorkVader 11.10.2022
First of all, when it works it's great. However LEDs are very bright and if you need to place this in front of you on the desk like I had to they are just horrible to look at even accidentally.

I am using this with iMac 2017 USB 3.0 port and have loads of problems with gear. It seems to randomly disconnect gear every now and then and for example external hard drive becomes invisible. To get it working again I usually need to shutdown computer and USB hub and reboot. Also it sometimes says that SuperDrive which is connected to hub needs to be connected to computer since it needs power. Still it works fine for hours if using after reboot. Currently I have only three devices connected at the same time, so it should work quite fine. The problem might lie with my Mac of course, but I very rarely have same kind of problems with other USB hubs like Elektron Overhub.

So far all of my USB 2.0 devices has worked fine though.


Seems to work great so far
weezul 04.04.2022
I'm not really into outboard gear, but having just grabbed a new desk with 9u, this has been a godsend compared to having 2 hubs on my desk. Currently it has ilok 3, waves key, card reader, UR824 interface, 2x USB-c charging cables, x-touch one, nektar impact, stream deck mkII all plugged in and working fantastically with no issues. For anyone wondering technically, it shows up as 4x USB 2 hubs and 4x USB 3 hubs, each with 4 ports from Realtek Semiconductor Corp. (0x0411, 0x0bda)