AIAIAI TMA-2 Studio Wireless+


Wireless Studio Headphones

  • H10 Wireless+ headband with BT and 2.4 Ghz technology
  • Latency: 16 ms (2.4 Ghz)
  • Play time: more than 80 hours in Bluetooth mode, 15 hours in 2.4 Ghz mode
  • BT 5.0 codec: AAC, SBC
  • Built-in microphone: 50 - 10.000 Hz
  • X01 Wireless+ Transmitter
  • Frequency range: 20 - 20.000 Hz
  • SNR: >93 dB
  • Range: up to 12 m
  • E08 Alcantara over-ear ear pads
  • S05 MKII speaker unit with biocellulose diaphragm
  • 40 mm high grade neodymium driver
  • Frequency range: 20 - 40.000 Hz
  • Sound pressure level: 113 dB
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Coiled C02 connection cable with adapter
  • Incl. A01 bag
available since January 2022
Item number 535178
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Design Over-Ear
System Closed Back
Impedance 32 Ohms
Frequency range 10 Hz – 20000 Hz
Adapter Yes
Replaceable Cable Yes
Color Black
Max. SPL 113 dB
Type Of Connector Bluetooth
Type Of Transmission Bluetooth
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Redefining wireless transmission

The TMA-2 Studio Wireless+ is a dynamic over-ear headset that employs the manufacturer’s proprietary W+ Link wireless technology, which allows lossless audio transmission with low latency and thus makes this headset ideal for use in the field of music production. Additionally, the Studio Wireless+ can be used in the conventional way via cable connection and via Bluetooth as a mobile headset. The same high-quality S05MKII dynamic drivers that have already proven themselves elsewhere in the TMA-2 series, which have a diameter of 40 mm and feature bio-cellulose diaphragms, have also been integrated here. The headset also features an H10 headband with an integrated receiver as well as E08 ear cushions with Alcantara covering, and comes complete with the corresponding X01 transmitter. The scope of delivery also includes a coiled 1.5-metre audio cable and a protective case.

A new level of freedom

In the recording studio, headphones are an indispensable tool – but more often than not, they are tethered to a cable. The TMA-2 Wireless+ takes a different route, however: Cable connection (though still possible) is replaced by a robust, uncompressed wireless connection with a constantly low latency of just 16 ms. This makes the headset’s operating radius larger and significantly more practical. When used on the go, the Wireless+ can be operated via Bluetooth and controlled using the three buttons on the headband, and it offers up to 80 hours of battery power. To ensure a resonant and distortion-free sound, AIAIAI has equipped the Wireless+ with the dynamic 40 mm drivers from its TMA-2 series, which feature rigid and lightweight diaphragms made from bio-cellulose. The wireless connection can generate sound pressure levels of up to 115 dB, allowing it to fulfil higher volume requirements like those encountered in recording environments.

For musicians and music lovers

The TMA-2 Studio Wireless+ is aimed at quality-conscious musicians who want to be able to work without being confined to the limits of a cable connection. The dedicated X01 transmitter, which can be connected to the desired signal source using a cable with a 3.5 mm jack connector, provides a stable and compression-free wireless connection with CD-quality band width and a constantly low latency of 16 ms. The corresponding receiver is integrated into the headband and features three remote control buttons. Because the receiver additionally supports Bluetooth 5.0, the TMA-2 Studio Wireless+ can also be used to enjoy your favourite music when you are on the go. Conversely, the coiled cable included in the scope of delivery allows the Studio Wireless+ to be used in conventional applications as a fully passive headset, no charging procedure necessary.


The Danish company Aiaiai was founded in 2006 and produces headphones exclusively. As opposed to offering a wide variety of different headphone models, Aiaiai has developed a modular approach, by which components are individually selected in order to create a final, customised product. To this end, Aiaiai has an online configurator which tailors each pair of headphones to the customer’s specifications. However, the idea is not only to create personalised headphones, but also to ensure their sustainability. Instead of the user having to purchase a completely new headset if a defect occurs or if their application or sonic expectations change, Aiaiai offers its customers replacement, retrofit, and upgrade parts.

More freedom to move

A cable is often a hindrance when moving between your instruments or around the mixing room – and a cable connection also has its downsides when recording outdoors or when mixing monitor or FOH sound, either. With W+ Link, AIAIAI offers an alternative in the form of a wireless connection that provides a stable transmission combined with compression-free sound reproduction and low latency. Alternatively, the TMA-2 Wireless+ can be used with a coiled cable, which is the sensible solution in applications where timing is critical. Thanks to its Bluetooth functionality, this headset also provides an enjoyable listening experience whenever you are on the move, with an impressive 80 hours’ runtime on battery power. The sonic basis is AIAIAI’s proven TMA-2 design, which has enjoyed immense popularity with musicians, producers, and DJs since its market launch. Users of wired devices can even retrofit the H10 headband and the X01 transmitter if needed.

In the spotlight: W+ Link

W+ Link was developed by AIAIAI in response to the demand for a sonically high-quality wireless transmission system that operates with dual antennas for enhanced stability. Unlike the multi-functional Bluetooth protocol, this solution utilises a dedicated constant transmission frequency with which a latency of just 16 ms can be achieved. This value is significantly below that of all Bluetooth codecs, including aptX LL. At the same time, the data transmission rate can reach 1,500 kBps and thus corresponds to CD-standard quality – which will satisfy even high expectations and also surpasses even the LDAC codec. What is more, W+ Link eliminates technical compression and decompression from the signal path in order to maintain the quality of the sound.

Wireless and great sound
Michael Pr 03.03.2022
Great headphones with a lot of flexibility. The battery life in wireless+ and bluetooth is more than enough for several long sessions, and there is alway the backup option of the cable. In wireless+ mode I could not notice the latency, even while using for scratching! Sound is perfect!


A step forward
Christem 27.02.2022
The aiaiai is a wireless headphone which provides two different types of connections. That’s also the reason why I decided to buy them. It’s my first Bluetooth headphone. My concerns regarding Bluetooth and the limited sound quality has been reassured. They are good with Bluetooth but switching to the wireless is a great improvement especially if one uses lossless audio files. However, the Bluetooth is fully digital which means there is no background noise from the analog electronics (or only little). The wireless mode on the other hand, is digital to analog to digital and then analog again. The background noise from this depending on the output device is quite high. That’s a little bit disappointing because I believe easy to avoid. I hope they will come up with a better solution. Overall, the wireless+ is still much better then Bluetooth. The build quality is okay but not great. Information about battery level is a bit limited for the headphone.


Für mich ein Reinfall
DoNotBuy 19.05.2022
Das Statische Eigengeräusch der Kopfhörer ist unfassbar laut. Das Bluetooth ist super schlecht, knackst und popt jedes Mal, wenn etwas auf dem Monitor Bildschirm passiert. Und sobald Gespräche übertragen werden (z.B. Discord), verzerrt der Sound so unglaublich, dass Man schon Anspruch auf Schmerzensgeld hätte.

Die Dinger sind so schlecht, da benutze ich lieber meine 2 Euro kabelgebundenen Aldi Kopfhörer weiter.


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Sehr basslastiger Sound und kleine Ohrpads
mayan 15.02.2022
Ich habe mich von der Idee des modularen Kopfhörers verleiten lassen und so für den sportlichen Preis die Kopfhörer in der S05, E08, H10, X01, C02, A01 Konfiguration gekauft.

Die Kombination aus Kabellosem Kopfhörer bei geringer Latenz und unkomprimierten Audio mit over-ear Earpads ist im Prinzip einzigartig, weswegen ich mich auch sehr darauf gefreut hatte.

Zum Positiven: Die Latenz ist quasi gegen Null. Von den 16 Millisekunden hört man im Prinzip keine spürbare Verzögerung. Die Verarbeitung ist sehr gut - solides Plastik in kompakter und minimalistischer Bauweise. Der Schaumstoff bei den Ohrpads ist angenehm weich. Die Abwesenheit von bunten Logos und das allgemeine Design lässt die Kopfhörer sehr wertig wirken und das obwohl sie vergleichsweise angenehm leicht sind.
Der Sender hat eine eingebaute Batterie, was auch mobiles Arbeiten ermöglicht.

Nun aber zu den Gründen, welche meine Retoure veranlasst haben:
Laut Website handelt es sich hier um die "Detailed" Ohrmuscheln, welche einen "Studioklang" haben sollen. Im Vergleich zum Klassikerkopfhörer - dem Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro ist davon aber nix zu hören. Die Höhen sind eher dumpf und die Tiefen matschig - für meinen Geschmack zu betont und keinesfalls neutral.
Die Ohrpads sind außerdem für meine Begriffe zu klein, um als "over ear" zu zählen. Ich konnte die nur eine begrenzte Zeit tragen und habe sie zwischendurch immer wieder nachjustiert weil sie unangenehm drückten. Bei den Beyerdynamic habe ich dieses Problem nie festgestellt und trage diese teilweise den ganzen Tag problemlos.

Die Lautstärkeregelung ist eher unpraktisch, da kein wirkliches Feedback erkennbar ist. Auch das Ein und Ausschalten des Senders und der Kopfhörer ist eher nervig, das können andere Kabellose besser.
Die Position der Ladebuchse der Kopfhörer ist auch denkbar ungünstig gewählt. Nach einiger Zeit würde man wahrscheinlich das Verbindungskabel aus Versehen rausreißen.

Der Sender übersteuert bei zu lautem Eingangssignal schnell - was sich in sehr unangenehmen Clipping äußert. Dann muss man stattdessen an den Kopfhörern die Lautstärke anpassen, was dann gerne mal zu Rauschen führt.
Und der Preis von 339 Euro ist keine Kleinigkeit. Für 180 Euro könnte man den ganzen Problemchen vielleicht verzeihen. Nur eben nicht für mehr als 300.

Mein Fazit: Finger weg, wenn ihr Platz in den Ohrmuscheln braucht oder wenn ihr nicht auf Bass steht.

Eigentlich wirklich sehr schade, da ich den Dingern gerne eine Chance geben wollte und meine Suche nach den perfekten kabellosen Kopfhörern schon fast für beendet erklären wollte... aber daraus wird wohl nix.