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Behringer WING

48-Channel Full Stereo Digital Mixer

  • A new routing approach with an emphasis on sources instead of channels
  • Fully compatible with Behringer X32 / Midas M32 consoles and stage boxes
  • Vintage emulations of EQs, compressors and gates available in each of the 40 stereo inputs
  • 40 Stereo inputs
  • 8 Stereo AUX inputs
  • 28 Buses: 16 stereo AUX, 8 stereo matrices, 4 stereo mains
  • 24 Faders in 3 fully programmable sections
  • 10'' Touch display with adjustable angle
  • Programmable Custom Control section
  • 8 Midas Pro microphone preamp
  • 8 Analog Midas line outputs
  • 8 AUX inputs
  • 6 AUX outputs and 2 monitor outputs: 6.3 mm jack balanced mono
  • 2 Headphone outputs
  • 3 AES50 ports: 48 x 48 channels per port - cable length up to 80 metres
  • MIDI input / output
  • 2 Programmable GPIOs
  • 48 x 48 Channel USB interface
  • Expansion slot, including a WING-LIVE card
  • 64 x 64 channel SD recorder / player
  • Additional cards are optionally available (Dante, MADI, SoundGrid)
  • StageCONNECT 32-channel port for personal monitoring
  • 16 FX engines: 8 premium, 8 standard
  • 6-Band EQ in the inputs
  • 8-Band EQ in the outputs
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 201 x 870 x 575 mm
  • Weight: 24 kg
  • Suitable cover available under Article Nr 480990 (not included, must be ordered separately)
  • Suitable case available under Article Nr 499924 (not included, must be ordered separately)
  • Suitable Dante expansion card available under Article Nr 512976 (not included, must be ordered separately)

Further Information

Max.number of input channels 48
Microphone Inputs 8
Analog Line Inputs 0
Analog Line Outputs 8
Analog in/ out with plug-in card expandable No
Digital in-/ outputs expandable Yes
Word Clock No
Motorfader Yes
Computer interface USB
MIDI-interface Yes

High-performance 48-channel digital mixer

The Behringer Wing is a digital mixing desk with 48 channels that builds on the success of the company’s X32 model. The mixer, which features a user interface with 24 motorised faders and a 10” touchscreen display, also offers mixing afficionados features that include remote control, touch-sensitive rotary controls, high-quality preamps, numerous integrated sound processing plugins, an SD card recorder/player with a marker function, and an optional extension for use in an Ethernet network. A particular feature is that the operating elements can be freely assigned, and stage boxes like the Behringer S16 can also be connected. The Behringer Wing is without doubt one of the most high-performance devices in its price range.

Extensive connectivity and adaptive flexibility

The mixer is equipped with 40 stereo inputs and an additional eight stereo AUX inputs, while its eight Midas ProSeries preamps ensure a high-quality microphone sound. The input channels feature a six-band EQ unit for signal processing, and the WING also features eight standard effect slots and eight additional premium effects per channel with vintage emulations of equalisers, compressors, reverb units, and more, allowing the sound to be fine-tuned even further. A section with freely programmable control elements allows the Behringer WING to be adjusted to suit your personal workflow. The angle of the display can be adjusted to ensure that it is always legible, and its touchscreen function means that detailed work can be carried out on the mixer in a clear and direct manner.

For beginners and professionals alike

The Behringer WING’s intuitive operation is great news for beginners (though they will still require some knowledge of the basic principles of mixing in order to use it), while advanced users will find the WING to be a high-performance companion which allows them to individually customise their own workflows. This mixer also includes a range of features for professional users, such as mid/side signal processing, AES ports, and compatibility with WAVES Soundgrid and Dante AES67. The faders are arranged in separate sections of four faders each, giving users of all experience levels direct access to the most important channels in their production at all times. Users working with DAWs can control their software using the mixer’s integrated controller function, which is based on Mackie HUI and Mackie Control. The device’s internal designations for assigned audio sources can be renamed using the WING Co-Pilot app and, once they have been entered, these can be used for various routings across the entire device.

About Behringer

The company, which was founded in Germany by Uli Behringer and now manufactures its products in China, has been known for affordable and great-value equipment since its very first product, the Studio Exciter F. An array of mixing consoles (such as the Eurodesk MX8000), signal processors, and later sound amplification and monitoring equipment, has made it possible for countless musicians to fit out their home studios, practice rooms, and mobile PAs within budget limits that were previously unthinkable. The acquisition of other companies, including Midas, Klark Teknik, and TC Electronic, meant that new product groups were added - and also resulted in the technical expertise of these companies being incorporated into product development.

Universal tool for mixing and monitoring

The Behringer WING can be used live as an FOH mixer when combined with Behringer X32 consoles and stage boxes, which keeps the microphone cables short and the signal quality high. When used as part of a network, the WING can operate with cable lengths of up to 80 metres, making it ideal for fixed installation at event locations and as a live mixing desk at medium-sized venues. And the mixer also features a pair of headphone outputs, which means two people can use it simultaneously and makes it perfect for teamwork. Eight line outputs allow the mix signal and sub-mixes to be used for multiple purposes in parallel, such as a main mix, different monitor mixes, and analogue recording. To provide individual monitor mixes, the mixer includes a 32-channel StageCONNECT port to supply compatible devices with sound. The Behringer WING’s “Automix” function automatically regulates preamplification for both active and non-active microphone inputs and thus helps when mixing sound at events with presenters/moderators, at conferences, and in radio broadcasts.

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4.8 /5
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Midas should be paying attention.
Nick Pitas, 04.02.2021
Fits my needs in any studio, live or broadcast scenarios.
The sound is fantastic.
Veeery quick workflow.
The 2 stars missing in the features are going to dissapear when the internal dante card is announced.
Then, this console will be irresistible.
I mean, 3x aes50 usb, 48 channel audio interface, AES/EBU, works with MIDAS stageboxes, internal dante, GPIO, well behaved remote control (using the mixing station app), midi, stage connect, well behaved talkback, multitrack plus 2 track recording and playback.
I mean, come on guys. You can't beat the price given the quality of sound coming out of it.
And again, working in that console is a blast!
Excellent tool for the money paid.
All of my love is dedicated to Behringer and Thomman.
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Not what you'd expect!
Coxy, 25.02.2020
This mixer is great, undoubtedly the best at its price point by a large margin. For similar flexibility you'll have to look at A&H's SQ7 or Yamaha's QL5, but you'll find many features within the wing that neither the SQ or QL have are in the Wing, with many more on the way. It's new approach to routing can be a little confusing at first, but this is in order to maximise flexibility and is actually very intuitive after a short familiarisation period. There are a few features within the firmware that are as yet unreleased while the developers are finalising the functionality. Some see this as a disadvantage, but I am finding that the features currently enabled in the firmware already put it above the X/M32, and music group are listening to current users in the development of future firmware releases.
The sound quality is first class - the on board mic preamps and output stages are from the Midas Pro range - although users will need to own or purchase an additional stage box to take advantage of all the available mix channels. All round an astoundingly capable mixer for the money.
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The Wing as FOH mixer
Dekkorr, 27.02.2020
Great mixer for a touring engineer. Not so suitable for a venue I think. Sounds great, features are amazing and controlling is modern. Feels like you have the possibility's of an studio setup for al live situation.
You need to get to know it, but when you do, you can't blame the mixer for your sound :)

For a venue machine I think it's to fragile, still would go for a PRO2.
But when you are careful, and make/buy good casing, you will have a great touring machine for personal use!

Note, it is still in beta mode, but it's getting better and better. Already very usable! (feb 27st 2020)
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love this desk
WhiteleyEvents, 08.05.2021
Great desk from behringer which far exceeds the other digital desks in the behringer range. Easy to use, very flexible and excellent value.
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