Are all your products 'fact­ory-fresh' in ori­gin­al pack­aging?

Yes - unless indicated!

The products we buy as an authorised dealer from official suppliers are always new and in the original packaging.

If you receive equipment which is in the original packaging but not in "factory-fresh" perfect condition it might be a product we have had to open to insert a manual, or it could be a product which has been returned by another customer within the scope of our money-back guarantee. Items returned under the 30 day money back guarantee are called B-Stock.

We specifically indicate B-Stock and usually market these items under our "specials" in order to avoid confusion with our regular offers.

Returned products are always checked by us to ensure they are complete and fully functioning. These returned products are free from defects and you will receive the same warranty as a brand new version of the item.

You can still exchange a B-stock item for a brand new item (if available) within 30 days after the purchase.

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