What kind of war­ranty do I get for the products I order?

As our products are new and as we buy them as an authorised dealer from our suppliers, you get the full warranty for all products, i.e. at least three (3) years (this however does not include accessories & cymbals) and up to ten years depending on the manufacturer (extended warranty claims are usually indicated on our product pages).

In addition to the manufacturer's guarantee, we offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for all products, (except for custom made products eg. cases, perishable products eg. strings, drum sticks, cymbals, items which come into bodily contact eg. reeds, mouth harmonicas, ear pieces etc.) Software must be sealed and in its original, unopened packaging before return.

The fact that you are buying on the internet in no way restricts warranty claims or the possibility of having equipment repaired or serviced later. We have six qualified service departments available for repairs at Thomann.

This is how you can reach us