What should I do if the gear is faulty?

As our products are "factory-fresh" and as we buy exclusively as an authorised dealer from official distributors, your equipment is secured by a variety of guarantee services.

Please call our customer support on +49-9546-9223-476 or write a short email to sc.cc@thomann.de and we will then inform you of the returns proceedure.

Goods that have been bought at Thomann recently (normally within 30 days) and are still in stock will usually be exchanged immediately for new products, so that you are able to use your Thomann equipment as soon as possible.

Out of stock or special custom-made products will usually be repaired within a very short period of time in one of our six service departments.

Please always enclose a letter with your return and state your customer number as well as the invoice number (it is best is to enclose a copy of the invoice if you can) and a fault description.

This is how you can reach us