Stairville Stage TRI LED Bundle Complete

Stage TRI LED Bundle Complete

With this "all-in-one" LED set, Stairville brings its long-awaited lighting solution for all bands, entertainers, musicians, magicians, comedians, and all others who require high-quality lighting on stage at an attractive price . The extremely bright RGB TRI color LEDs currently represent the optimum of LED technology. All conceivable colors can be mixed, and without those annoying RGB shadows, and the very low power consumption and almost non-existent heat generation will convince any critic.The Stage TRI LED Bundle extension may be controlled via an optional foot switch or DMX512

Technical data:

  • 4 LED Spotlights with 7x 3W RGB TRI colour LEDs each (in total 28x 3 W RGB LED elements)
  • Control via DMX 512 or foot switch
  • The following functions are available via foot switch: Automatic mode, Sound-to-Light mode, Freeze, Blackout
  • 7 Selectable DMX modes (2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 14 or 15 DMX channels)
  • LED Display to set parameters such as DMX address, DMX mode, etc.
  • 3-Pin XLR input and output
  • Beam angle approx. 40°
  • Width of the T-bar: 120 cm
  • Optional remote control: Article Nr 354223 (not included)
  • Power supply: AC 100-240V / 50-60 Hz
  • Max. current consumption: 90 W
  • Weight: 16 kg
  • Incl. T-bar with 4 LED spotlights, light stand (max. height: 240 cm), foot switch with 4 buttons, and a transport bag for lights and stand

Further Information

Spotlight included Yes
DJ-Effect included No
LED-Bar included No
Controller included Footswitch
Stand included Yes
Case/Bag included Yes

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Stairville Stage TRI LED Bundle Complete
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Stairville Stage TRI LED Bundle Complete
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light output
Great value, fast setup, easy to run.
Sonovox, 20.07.2013
If anyone is considering just one light for a small band setup, then I'd stick my neck out and say this should be the one. I own a number of different types of lights - scanners, UV, washes, parcans, various club lights - but this one has been one of the most versatile lighting purchases I've made.

The bundle consists of the lights themselves, in a well-built sturdy zip locked case, footswitch with captive jack cable, and lighting pole.

I'll deal with the first and only problem I've had with the TRI LED at the start: Pretty much throw away the cheap and nasty pole supplied with the bundle. I don't know how many times the nuts and bolts holding the stanchions that hold the legs up have been lost and replaced, the final straw being when one of the stanchions cracked at one of the bolt holes. At the start of this year I replaced the stand with a spare speaker pole, and never looked back. This was the main thing that held me back from giving a full 5 star rating.

As to the light itself, I operate it in larger setups under DMX and in smaller setups using just the supplied footswitch. Under DMX control, the LCD menu display makes it easier to set up than trying to remember a number of dipswitches like you get on many other fixtures. There are a number of DMX modes which should suit pretty much any setup, including a variety of preprogrammed chases.

I usually set up the fixture somewhere near one of the PA stacks, but have used it from as far away as about 6 metres from the front of the stage with OK results - it can illuminate at dark stage reasonably well at this distance, but you do lose definition.

The footswitch controller is absolute simplicity itself, with switches for Autorun, Freeze, Sound-to-light and Blackout. These commands are helpfully echoed through the DMX output, so I often DMX daisy-chain a couple of footlamps or stage washes and control the whole lot via the footswitches. Very effective for a small but pro looking setup. The captive cable on the footswitch is only about 5 metres long, and I have found a few situations where I needed a longer run than this. There is no spec in the manual to say whether or how long the cable can be extended, but with a female to male jack cable, I was able to get it to stretch reliably to almost 20 metres, which is as long as anyone should ever need it. I made up a 10 metre extension cable which lives in the front pocket of the light case, giving me a total of about 15 metres.

The different footswitches should be mostly self-explanatory, but just to explain that the Autorun switch causes the light to run sequentially through it's internal pre-programmed chase modes - always starting from the first (slow) one when you press the switch. If you leave it in this mode, you will see the lamps chasing faster and faster until you get to the strobe modes at the end of the programmes, where it loops around to the first mode again. There is no way to skip to a preferred mode that I have found. Some could call this an ommission, but in operation, it is still quite versatile, and if you need more control than that, then you should probably be using a DMX controller.

One point I would like to make - if the pocket on the lighting case was just a few centimetres longer, you would also be able to fit the footswitch in, making it an even more perfect bundle!
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light output
6 year user of Stairville TRI LED Bundle
Mr Showmagic, 18.02.2019
Bought 2 sets of these several years ago for our band. Cant comment on the footswitch controller as we use PC software programme to control our lights. But the lights themselves have been wonderful. Gigged upto 3 times a week with these, and although I've heard of others that have had issues, we have never had any issue with them - well, not until 2 days ago - but that seems to have righted itself, so could have been a ghost in the works that one night. The cases haven't lasted as long as the lights, mainly the zips breaking and the metal hinges wripping through the back f the case fabric that holdsthe case together - but after several years use in and out of a band van, can we really expect anything different to that ?
We;ve actually just ordered another bundle - wouldn't have done that after all this time if they hadn't have been up to the job and we hadn't been happy with them.
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Available immediately

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