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Analogue Loadbox

  • Analogue reactive loadbox for guitar tube amplifiers
  • Five tuned guitar amp attenuation levels
  • Rig control for pre-set microphone and speaker box emulations
  • UA Dynamic Speaker Modelling accurately models the behaviour of a speaker and membrane resonances
  • Integrated UA EQ compression, delay and reverb effects
  • Ohm operation selectable (4, 8, and 16 Ohm)
  • Max. power handling: 150 W
  • Connectors: Line output 6.3 mm jack balanced
  • S/PDIF output
  • Headphone output: 6.3 mm jack
  • Pairing via WiFi with OX mobile or desktop app to edit and save presets (for Windows 10 and macOS: Sierra or High Sierra)
  • Suitable cases: Article Nr. 469012 and 505416 (both not included)
available since January 2018
Item number 432961
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Impedance 4, 8, 16
Noise Supression No
DI Interface Yes
Speaker Simulation Yes
Dummy Load (usable without cabinet) Yes
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Silent recording for guitar players

In the case of the Universal Audio Ox Amp Top Box we are talking about an analog Silent Recording Box, which is peerless in terms of dynamics and sound fidelity and at the same time it also is a complete recording system for any tube amp. This combination does not only make it possible to play the amp in the sweet spot at every volume level, but also to record it simultaneously with the high quality Universal Audio microphone, room and speaker simulations. In addition, there is an easy to use and control Software-App, that can be used to make alterations in the operation and programming of the Universal Audio Ox Amp Top Box by way of Wi-Fi.

The Load Box

The Ox Amp Top Box is a high-grade, reactive load in a top format for tube amps, which gives guitarists the freedom, to play and record at any time and at any volume level. What makes it special: the Ox Amp Top Box is perceived as a real speaker thanks to the Dynamic Speaker Modelling Technology of the amplifier. It delivers the dynamics, the pressure, the playing sensation and the tone of the amplifier at every volume, like a real speaker. The Speaker-Breakup-control in the App manages the overtone structure and tone colour at specific frequencies or volume levels. All the levels of the headphones, connected speakers or Line-Out can be adjusted on the front of the device.

For low volume players and recording specialists

If you would like to coax the optimal sound out of your tube amp without the high volume level which is usually required, you will find that the Universal Audio Ox Amp Top Box is the perfect solution. In this way playing, practising and recording of the original Amp sounds at any time of the day or night is possible and no problem at all.

Your tube amp - always ready to rock

Trying out a riff idea at three in the morning? Playing guitar and perhaps recording right away, all without bothering housemates or neighbours? The Universal Audio Ox Amp Top Box delivers the real sound of connected tube amplifiers at every volume level, with or without speaker. On top of that, the authentic microphone, room and speaker simulations in the usual Universal Audio quality further expand the sonic possibilities many times over.

About Universal Audio

Universal Audio was founded in 1958 and stands for the development of groundbreaking Recording products. Since 1999, in the Californian Scotts Valley, you will find the descendants of the founder focusing on digital recording technology which intends to preserve the characteristics of analog sound tools in an unadulterated manner. Legendary are the UAD-Plug-Ins, authentic emulations of analog devices, which were created in cooperation with the manufacturers of the Original Hardware.

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