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XVive P1 Portable Phantom Power Sup.


Phantom Power Adapter

  • For phantom powering of microphones and DI boxes
  • Switchable output voltage of 12 V / 48 V
  • Low-noise design provides power supply without background noise
  • Rechargeable battery allows mobile use in all conceivable set-ups
  • Compact, robust construction
  • Status LEDs
  • On/Off switch
  • XLR input (Female) and XLR output (Male)
  • Micro USB-B input for recharging the battery
  • Lithium-ion battery (2.200 mA / 3.7 V)
  • 14 - 40 operating time
  • 2.5 - 3 hours to fully charge
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 105 x 44 x 33 mm
  • Weight: approx. 145 g

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Available since December 2020
Item number 506548
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Phantom Power Adapter and Feed Units Yes
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Phantom power supply for everybody

The XVive P1 Portable Phantom Power Supply allows just about every microphone and DI box to be instantly provided with phantom power that can be switched from 48V to 12V depending on the requirements of the specific application. Its built-in rechargeable battery makes the P1 a reliable wireless tool for virtually every situation, and its low-noise design ensures that there is no negative effect on the sound quality of the connected microphone. Thanks to its small size and simple design comprising just four LED battery status lights and two control switches, the P1 adapter offers a compact and easy-to-use power source for operating a wide range of devices that require external phantom power.

XVive P1 Portable Phantom Power Supply

Puristic layout

The signal input at the top of the XVive P1 is designed as an XLR connection with a metal locking tab that must be pushed down before connecting a cable to ensure a secure fit. The signal output at the bottom also comes in an XLR format, which allows the XVive P1 Portable Phantom Power Supply to be very easily integrated into the signal chain of a microphone. The P1 also features a front-facing LED display with four lights that indicate the charge level of the internal battery. The switch for turning the power supply on and off is located directly below the LED display, whereas the switch for selecting between 48V and 12V power is above the LED lights. The P1 adapter can be recharged via its micro USB-B port on the right-hand side using the included USB cable, and a full charge takes around 2.5 to 3 hours.

XVive P1 Portable Phantom Power Supply XLR connection

Portable power in a small package

The XVive P1 Portable Phantom Power Supply has been specially developed for all event technicians who want to operate a condenser microphone on phantom or T-power if the mixing console or audio interface used does not offer a built-in power supply. Additionally, the P1 can be used to deliver power to DI boxes that require a corresponding 48V or 12V voltage. Thanks to its small size and compact design, the P1 Portable Phantom Power Supply will easily fit into any bag and perfectly complements every type of stage setup. Reliable operation is ensured by four front-facing LEDs that provide information about the charge level of the integrated battery and allow the P1 to be easily found on stage even in poor lighting conditions. Thanks its state-of-the-art electronic components comprising high-precision resistors, the P1 Portable Phantom Power Supply allows the signal to be transmitted without any noise or ground loops.

XVive P1 adapter for phantom power supply

About XVive Audio

Xvive Audio officially entered the market in 2012 with its compact U2 wireless guitar system. Since then, the company has also been involved in the development of wireless microphone technology. Its catalogue also includes effects pedals, such as the Signature Series, which were developed in partnership with guitarist Thomas Blug. The products are designed by an American team, based in Pasadena, California, which is composed of musicians and engineers and draws on decades of professional experience. Its lead designer, Howard Davies, was previously employed at Electro Harmonix and Pigtronix, among others. Xvive Audio's goal is to create products that deliver exceptional sound and build quality, while remaining affordable for any musician.

Reliable battery status information

When fully charged, the P1 phantom power adapter provides 15 to 40 hours of operation depending on the specific application and the voltage selected (48V or 12V) via the front-facing switch. All four LED lights are illuminated when the internal battery is fully charged, and the bottom LED light flashes as soon as the battery level drops below 10% and the P1 requires charging, which is done by connecting it to a 5V USB power source using the USB cable that is included in the scope of delivery. After turning the P1 adapter off using the power switch below the LED display, it is recommended that the user wait for five seconds before unplugging the cable in order to allow sufficient time for the phantom power to shut off completely.

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79 Reviews

Sax clipon
Kostas Saxophone 21.07.2022
Bought this one to power my saxophone clipon mic from Shure Beta 98H, because the LDSystems Roadjack 10 I use to cover beach weddings has no Phantom Power.
This one actually looks very sturdy and like the LED's for better monitoring the power that is left in this little thing.
The size is like a pocket sized item that fits everywhere, but the best of all is you don't hear any difference in audio quality by using this.
I like this and recommend it strongly. As for how long it lasts, well, that is still to find out!


Incredibly useful!!!
dirmado 31.03.2022
Such a great, super-compact, clean source of 48V power supply!


Just the best phantom power single device!
Martin Ego 10.12.2021
I bought this device as the only one adequate possibility to power my Sanken CS1 with Sennheiser SKP 100 G3. This setting is a great combo. Virtually no noise! I am highly impressed!


Handy 48v PSU
Electricbacfac 25.08.2022
This has a switch between 12 and 48 volts and a useful meter to show the current battery charge. I'd prefer USB C as the input socket as opposed to the micro USB. The device works well and is not too big, but could be sleeker. I'm happy with it for the money.


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