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Yamaha CK61


Stage Keyboard

  • 61 Keys
  • Semi-weighted FSB keyboard
  • Velocity sensitive
  • Sound generation: AWM2 and AWM for the Organ Flutes
  • 128-Fold polyphony
  • Built-ineffects
  • Master EQ
  • 363 Voices plus 160 Live Set sounds (for splits and layers)
  • Pitch bend and modulation wheel
  • 9 Organ footage sliders
  • 3 Part volume sliders
  • 11 Rotary controllers
  • Built-in speakers (2 x 6 W)
  • Battery operation possible (requires 8 x AA alkaline or Ni-MH batteries, batteries not included)
  • LC display (128 x 64 dots)
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows audio playback from Bluetooth devices
  • Incl. external power supply unit
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 910 x 291 x 109 mm
  • Weight: 5.6 kg


  • 2 Line outputs: 6.3 mm jack
  • 2 Line inputs: 6.3 mm jack
  • 2 Stereo headphone outputs: 6.3 mm stereo jack
  • 2 Connections for footswitch or foot controller
  • MIDI input and output
  • USB to Device
  • USB to Host (USB audio interface function, 2 stereo channels from PC to CK, two stereo channels from CK to PC)
Available since April 2023
Item number 562698
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Number Of Keys 61
Touch-Sensitive Yes
Aftertouch No
Split Zones Yes
Modulation Wheel Yes
Number of simultaneous Voices 128
Sound Engine AWM2 + AWM
MIDI interface 1x In, 1x Out
Storage Medium USB to Device, USB to Host
USB-port Yes
Effects Yes
Arpeggiator No
Number of Analog Outputs 2
Digital Output No
Display Yes
Pedal Connections 2x Footswitch
Dimensions 910 x 291 x 109
Weight 5,6 kg
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6 Reviews

The workhorse you need
Andris Muc 13.05.2024
1) Sound:
- Pianos: Good Concert piano sound, excellent upright piano sound with convincing damper resonance effect. Same waveforms as the YC and CP.
- Electric pianos: only two (73s and 78s). Both very nice with the key noise.
- Organs: Pretty good organ simulation, from the waveforms, drawbars, perc, to distortion and Leslie. Go for the rotary B if you want a more real and meaty Leslie sound. It is better than the red keys to my taste, and I've been playing on these for 5 years. Totally usable for live performs, and even recording, specially if you're playing with more instruments.
- Synth, strings, pads, etc - usable, though not the best. The pad selection could be better, you'll probably want to edit them with the hands-on controls and effects.
- Bonus - Dx7 Eps are top-level

2) Keybed:
I'm not a key-snob, and I'm used to play on every kind of key (weighted and snth action), from an Arturia MKII to cheaper keys. I didn't bother that much with the Korgs' small synth keys that man people hate but I didn't like the MX49/61 keys - I found them too soft and extremely noise.
In comparison to those, I found the CK61s keybed excellent. It has some nice resistance whilst is still soft and suitable for organ playing, and it is very noiseless. I can practice at night without bothering my wife and daughter.
Indeed, I found myself preferring these CK keys to the fatar synth keybed from my Arturia.

3) Building and looks:
Don't wait for wood and metal at 990 eu. It has a strong, sturdy black plastic case - still, pretty light to carry on. It has a simple front, without the angle from the MXs (for what I'm grateful). The round corners soften the visuals. You'll like if you're into minimalist design.
The model would benefit from different colours - white, red, and orange, for instance.
Nice, vintage-like knobs. The drawbars could be better, but still are alike to Yamahas' organs.
The visor looks like the YC's and CP's and can be turned off. Pitch and mod wheels are plastic, but better quality than the Mxs, and nice to use.

4) Functions:
The good - Here the CK is unbeatable. Truly. Three free layers (you can have anything, you're not stuck with the organ on the first layer as the competitors), you can control the three with an external controller - so, no issues like losing the layering if you want to control the CK with an external electronic piano. And you have a lot of flexibility on what control with what - assigning zones and midi channels, layers and splits - doing that is intuitive and not complicated at all.
There is too much to praise here, but the board was evidently designed with the actual musician in mind. I see addressed the issues I experience weekly with other stage keyboards, such as the mentioned flexibility of midi controls, but also the easy editing of layers. There are independent effect for each layer, and editing them is straightforward - just select the layer and the correspondent lights will light on the effects.
You can assign different colours to the layers, making it super visual and intuitive when performing.
There are live controls for all effects, plus attack and release and filter (cutoff/ resonance).
You can also control two or three layers' effects at once.
You have stereo inputs for an external synth/mic/instrument with independent effects (including noise gate, chorus, reverb). It is possible to select line or mic, and there is a good range of level/gain.
Finally, there is a master eq on hand - and you can edit which frequency to change with every knob. But you also can add specific eqs to layers with the effects section.
The not-so good - someone can think I'm nitty-picking, but I'd like to control the Led luminosity. It can be done with the LCD screen, but not the less. They're super bright, and that can hurt a bit while performing at home at night. I keep changing the colours to find something comfortable, but there's nothing to do regarding the white leds.
Bonus - filming/recording with the Rec'n share app is a breeze. No more video editing, or recording audio and video separately. You get a boost for your socials.

Conclusion - this board has everything a gig musician needs for an affordable price. Yamaha got it right, but I hope they keep an eye on the customer feedback and provide small tweaks with updates.


The perfect second board.
Húnninn 27.01.2024
I just bought a CK88 for lower and a CK61 as a upper board for a new rig. So far I am extremely happy with it. It is very easy to use, split, layer, transpose by the push of a button. Highly recommend.


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Endlich was für Oldschool-Keyboardist mit neuen Features :-)
MullerHamburg 11.09.2023
Ich habe auch mein Yamaha MODX6, aber mein CK61 ist viel einfacher:
1) manuelle Einstellungen, wie damals in die 80-90er.
2) immernoch leicht zu tragen, habe bisher mehr als 3x Gigs mitgeschleppt. Und alle Musikern und Zuschauer sind von dem Sound sehr begeistert!
3) ein Punktabzug ist nur wegen des Displays, sehr klein. Bin ja gewöhnt mit dem MODX6 Display. Beide benutze ich jetzt immer bei alle Gigs / Konzerte von mir bzw. meine Bands.
Ich kann Euch wirklich empfehlen - überzeuge selbst. Viel Spaß!


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Piano de scène parfaitement puissant et portable
Jos1 19.05.2023
Nous sommes à une époque où la musique de qualité à besoin d'être accessible et facile à mettre en œuvre.
Cette boîte électronique est textuellement le modèle idéale pour se projeter aisément dans les rues ou en salle sans efforts physiques majeurs à fournir à cause de son faible poid et de ses échantillons de son haut de gamme !

Presque toute la bibliothèque sonore de cet instrument est magnifique et réaliste.

Le toucher aussi clavier type FBS sencible à la vélocité, idéale pour jouer de l'orgue aussi bien que des pianos acoustiques comme électrique.

La fonction Bluetooth oh la là, pour une diffusion en streeming de la musique en pein concert sans grand effort à fournir ou pour tout simplement écouter de la musique à défaut d'utiliser une enceinte Bluetooth !

Personnellement je recommande cet instrument à toute personne recherchant un clavier de scène portable puissant et professionnel.

Merci thomann pour la livraison.

Musicalement !