How about up­dates etc? Do I get any?

Being an authorised (and in many cases the biggest) dealer for all major manufacturers we are usually the first ones to get updates, new operating systems etc.

Sometimes we are able to send the updates to our customers before other dealers have even been informed that they exist!

Some manufacturers also include Thomann specialists in their product development to have a perfect interface between the customers' needs and the manufacturers' ideas. This helps us to know things in advance and to give our people information before other dealers receive them.

Depending on the type of update and on the legal issues (we don't want to send you illegal copies!), we send the updates ourselves or inform our customers via emails or personal letters about the existence of the update.

We are more than happy to also up-date older products bought from somewhere else.

When ordering updates, please pay attention to choosing a version with the right language for you. Most of the software is available also in German in addition to English.

This is how you can reach us