How should you pack­age the gui­tar?

This packing advice is designed to show you how to pack your guitar safely in order to avoid any damages to your property. Appropriate packaging is particularly important with parcel shipments, since the packages have to withstand a theoretical fall from (approximately) one meter in height.

Please take the time to read these packing tips carefully. It’s worth the effort – to ensure your guitar arrives safely with us.

General information:

  • Masking tape, adhesive tape or packthreads are not suitable for sealing such a cardboard box.
  • Do not use crumpled newspaper as padding material, although you can use it in order to fill empty spaces in the package.
  • In case you are reusing an old cardboard box for packing, please make sure that all old labels and barcodes have been removed or blanked out.


  • 1 stable cartons with the right size for the content being shipped
  • bubble wrap
  • packing tape and cutter/knife
  • padding material; such as air cushions and scrunched up paper

1.1) Place the guitar carefully with its top facing upwards on a clean and stable surface.

1.2) Wrap your guitar generously into bubble wrap and please double wrap the neck for extra protection.

2.1) Roll up the excess bubble wrap at the bottom end of the guitar to create a cushion.

2.2) Fix the bubble wrap at the bottom of the guitar with packing tape.

2.3) Add some extra padding material.

3) Roll up the excess bubble wrap at the head and fix it with packing tape.

4) Make sure that the guitar is well packed and taped (on all sides).

5.1) Tape and reinforce the bottom of a cardboard box.

5.2) Fill the bottom (10cm approximately) of the package with padding material.

6.1) Place the guitar into the parcel.

6.2) Add additional padding material to the box and make sure that sensitive parts, such as the neck and head, are well-padded.

7) Add a layer of padding material on top of the guitar. Make sure that the instrument is packed tight and is not moving around in the parcel.

8) Seal the lid with tape and also apply tape along all the open seams of the parcel. Attach the return label so it is clearly visible on the outside of the parcel.

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