Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus


Universal Power adapter

  • For all battery powered (guitar) effect units
  • Provides all Line6 Modeling and ToneCore, Boss Twin pedals and vintage effects pedals (center negative) with the necessary voltages
  • 4x 9 / 12V 100mA, 2x 9V 250mA, 2x 9V 100 mA or combination of multiple outputs at 18V or 24V
  • Two of the 8 outputs allow you to SAG the voltage from roughly 4V to 9V. Especially interesting this feature is for Fuzz and Wah pedals
  • High quality toroidal transformer
  • Very low background noise - all outputs are short-circuit protected and filtered
  • Including power cable

Cables included

  • 6x PPBAR-R 2.1 mm angled coaxial plug, length: 18" / 46 cm
  • 2x PPBAR-RS24 2.1 mm plug straight to 2.1 mm angled plug, length: 24" / 61 cm
  • Made in USA
Available since April 2008
Item number 205981
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
DC/AC current DC
Output current in mA 900 mA
9 V Yes
12 V Yes
18 V Yes
Secondary voltage Yes
Multi-output power supply Yes
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462 Reviews

Great piece of kit
Anonymous 17.10.2014
I'm using the pedal power 2 plus to power 8 vintage boss pedals and it's worked wonders in eliminating ground loop hum vs daisy chaining power from a single power supply. It also makes the pedal shelf in my a rack a lot neater.

The unit itself seems really well put together and built to last.

It has an additional IEC type output which is incredibly useful. I'm using it power a mains voltage Carl Martin pedal, but it could also be used to power another 2 plus for larger boards.

Being a German retailer, Thomann supplied a 220v version which works perfectly in the UK, and they also included a mains lead with a UK plug as an extra (Without me asking for this), which is a nice touch and appreciated.

Great product that you'll forget about once it's installed, which is as it should be.


Amazingly versatile and well made unit
Algirdas 21.05.2013
I've been using one of these for a few years now. It looks and feels as if it could survive an apocalypse. It is larger and heavier than some other units but, unlike some cheaper alternatives, it has isolated outputs that should, in theory, reduce crosstalk between the pedals and remove a lot of noise from your signal. Prior to purchasing the Pedal Power 2 Plus, I used a daisy chain cable to power my pedals. I am not completely sure but I think that the Voodoo Lab unit is a little bit quiter. I suppose it depends on the pedals you're using but in my case, the difference wasn't as profound as I'd hoped. Nevertheless, this is an excellent power supply that is far more versatile than many of us will ever need. For example, it even has an ability to simulate a dying battery which is a must for some fuzz pedal enthusiasts because it can change the tonal character of the pedal! If you don't have that many pedals or simply don't need all of the features, I'd suggest taking a look at a Voodoo Lab ISO5. It is smaller, lighter and less expensive than the Pedal Power 2 Plus but is built to the same high standard you'd expect from Voodoo Lab.


Worth every penny!
Mutants 19.04.2020
I use this power supply for my PedalTrain.
It is really great, I highly recommend it, I was a little bit "scared" of the price, because you can get much cheaper ones.
Quality of this product is superb, no feedback, no "noises", nothing bad to say, "it's all you need for 9v, 18v or 24v pedals (maybe you just need to order separate Y cable).
It doesn't come with "braces" for board if you want to mount it under the pedal board (which is a great place for space economy). So, order those separately!
If I will make another pedal board, I would definitely buy this power supply again!



The best in its class.
benash 16.06.2018
When it comes to power, you don't really get any better than the Pedal Power 2.

So, I don't use this in the typical sense, on a pedal board. I have this installed in my Guitar Rack along with my Voodoo Labs GCX Switcher. It powers all sorts of different pedals.

The main issue I use to have was noise. I used a daisy chain cable running off of one plug before this, and I always had this really high pitched wine. I could never figure out why it did it. But all I know is, that went straight away, when I got this.

It actually cleaned up my guitar tone. Its amazing how important clean power to your pedals is. So don't hesitate on spending money on this. Its completely worth it. Also I think it could with stand a drop from the top of a sky scraper.


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