HOFA Diffusor Natural



  • Effective acoustic elements for the optimization of room sound
  • For the best possible acoustic, for example, in recording studios, home cinemas or home-recordings
  • For the optimization of room reflections in the mid and hi-mid frequencies
  • Two-dimensional QRD-Diffuser
  • Design in untreated birch plywood
  • For professional and better working conditions in recording and control rooms
  • For an audiophile Hi-Fi listening experience
  • Can be combined with the HOFA Frame for flexible room acoustics
  • Option on the back for frameless suspension
  • Dimensions: 500 x 500 x 110 mm
  • 36 Internal divisions, each 8 cm x 8 cm
  • Weight: approx. 2 kg
  • Colour: Natural
Note All HOFA acoustic modules are produced in Germany in close cooperation with local workshops for the disabled.
Available since July 2011
Item number 267847
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Material Wood
Colour Birch
Dimensions per Piece in mm 500 x 500 x 110
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150 Reviews

Definitely makes a difference
TonyOr 05.04.2018
I have 4 of these in an array on the back wall of my home studio. The room is everything you don't want a studio to be - small, almost square, with low ceilings and all 4 walls are masonry. I had already done the usual sound treatment with absorbers behind the monitors and on the side walls in a live-end / dead-end design but was still getting a nasty ringing sound in the room. I decided that I didn't want more damping and tried the Hofa Diffusor to try to tame the acoustics of the live-end. It seems to work quite well. The nasty ringing has gone and, though I think there has been some high frequency attenuation, the room sounds much better for performing.

The diffusors are really quite elegant and a number of people have commented on how nice they look. They also don't take up much space.

The construction quality is not that good. The panels are not exactly square and there are gaps between the in-fills and the side pieces in places. They came with no fittings! I couldn't understand why at first until I discovered that Hofa want you to buy a frame to mount the panels in - which cost as much as the panels themselves. The panels are made of extremely thin birch ply so there is no way you could screw a bracket to them. I resolved the problem by screwing wooden mounting blocks into the wall and just hanging the panels off them. It took a very long time to do this and get all 4 panels lined up with each other, but it worked very well. Beware if you don't have decent DIY skills.

Update, Aug 2019. I bought 2 more panels hoping it would improve the sense of space even more. What a learning experience! The extra 2 panels completely altered the sound of all my instruments, weakening the bass response and muting the highs. I spent hours trying the panels in different positions on the back wall and on the side walls and the results were the same everywhere. I discovered that the instruments sounded best with 4 panels on the back wall and playing as far away from them as I could get. So, whilst I don't really understand what is happening, it appears that there is limit to the number of panels you can use in a small room.


Good in Combination With Other Acoustic Treatment
PhilsHarmony 25.08.2021
I got two of the Hofa Diffusors together with the Hofa Framework and two Eco Black Absorbers as a set on my back and side walls in the studio. It's hard to say which acoustic device exactly brought you the big benefit, but rather I can say that togehter with other absorbers (in my case self-made) and acoustic foam in edges and corners I am pretty happy with the studio acoustics in general.
Build quality seems good, it's not very heavy so the good thing that it stays on the wall easier, but at the same time it doesn't feel super heavy-solid, meaning it will probaby only affect/diffuse higher-ish frequencies and not go down very far in the frequency chart.
Since I bought it as a set I also gotta mention that the Black Eco Absorbers (different product but for the same frame) is very light, not very thick, so it won't absorb too much I assume.
As I said though in combination with other acoustic treatment in your room it should be a nice addition to the studio. A 4/5 for me.


laeris 02.07.2021
A beautiful, light, diffuser with the warmth of wood. Be careful not to fall down, the wood is thin, it will break.


Very good
Dimos 06.01.2020
I took 2 of those and put them in my wall. i have a small room so it was the perfect addition to my room. I feel that when they hit the back wall and the sound return to me its more open and sweeter.
I think i will get more of those so i can make my room more live. Thanks Thomann!